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Florida Bluegrass Classic - February 22 - 26, 2017: Preview

The second annual Florida Bluegrass Classic will take place from February 22 – 26, 2017 at the Classic Park, 5360 Lockhart Road, near Brooksville, FL. Last year's initial run of this newest in Evans Media Source bluegrass offerings was both an artistic and a financial success as it moved from its previous location in Waldo, FL to a new venue, which has primarily been used in the past as a venue for large dog shows. Located on fifty acres at the top of a low, rolling hill surrounded by orange groves, the Florida Classic Park has over 250 RV water/electric hookups as well as providing a four station dump station. A restroom building provided clean, flush toilets. This year a portable shower facility will be available. The spacious and flexible pavilion seats a full crowd under cover. This year The Florida Bluegrass Classic has a proven brand, strong bands, and a Monday – Sunday program designed to encourage people to arrive early to spend an enjoyable week in the sun with plenty of activities.

The Lineup
Billy Droze - Tuesday Evening Special

According to the bio on his web site, Billy Droze, born in Lafayette, LA and raised in Alabama, has wanted to be a musician since before he could remember. We heard him as a special guest (along with Mo Pitney) at Musicians Against Childhood Cancer in Ohio a few years ago. He was impressive then. According to one reviewer, his recently released CD "The Sinin' Man" is so good she couldn't pick out a favorite track. Droze will presenting his solo show on Tuesday evening as a special for early arrivals at the festival. These feature special presentations that Ernie Evans has been presenting at several festivals for the past couple of years has proven to be quite successful. Bet this one is, too......

Marty Raybon & Full Circle

Marty Raybon has been a headliner with his bluegrass band Full Circle and with his country rock band Susquehanna, which is again on tour. Marty, a native of Florida who has sunk his roots deep in Alabama and Nashville always delivers an electric show of a mixture of traditional bluegrass and gospel, new bluegrass songs, and favorites from his years in country music. He and his able band deliver high energy enthusiasm coupled with strong singing and instrumental work. He's become  a regular at Evans' festivals, and is always welcome. 

Eddie Raven & Lorraine Jodan's Country Grass Show

Eddy Raven has had a long career as a performer and writer on country music dating back to his first release in 1973. He released his first single in 1962, when he was twenty-two years old and has continued to perform and record since then. He has had songs reach the country charts over a period of many years, from his first charted song in 1974 "Last of the sunshine Cowboys" through "Cowboys Don't Cry" in 1990. He has released fourteen albums and fifty-two singles through the years. Recently, Raven has joined forces with Lorraine Jordan to produce a CD album called "Country Grass," which includes bluegrassed versions of their songs. One customer review on Amazon.com wrote this about the recording, "This is a genius idea by Lorraine Jordan of combining traditional country music with bluegrass. There are many, many people who are wanting to hear the old traditional country music, and it's hard to find. Each traditional country singer on the CD did a great job of singing their most popular songs."

Gary Waldrep

Gary Waldrep has been seen and appreciated at bluegrass festivals throughout the south since he formed his own band in 1998 after spending some time performing with David Davis and the Warrior River Band and The Sound Mountain Boys. Wishing to share the style of bluegrass the pre-dominated in his home Sand Mountain region of northeastern Alabama, he formed the band that showcases his own style of traditional bluegrass and old time bluegrass and gospel music and features his own unique style of performing. 

Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road

Through the years, Lorraine Jordan has championed traditional music, both bluegrass and country, while drawing together strong entertainment and a lively show. She has recently been mentoring young Garrett Newton, a promising banjo player, as a part of her show. Tommy John, has shown increasing power as a bluegrass singer, while veteran Ben Greene on banjo shines. Josh Goforth, on both fiddle and guitar, quietly stands out as a consummate professional. 

Remington Ryde

Remington Ryde has upped its game with the addition of Warren Blair on fiddle. The band combines high energy traditional bluegrass with corny humor and lots of gospel music to provide solid entertainment for its fans. Billy Lee Cox is an exceptional banjo player.

Billy Lee Cox

The Adventures of Annabelle Lyn

The Adventures of Annabelle Lyn is a three person acoustic band from the Tallahassee area billing themselves as folk, bluegrass, blues, and swing. They appear pretty regularly around their home territory. I look forward to seeing and hearing them as a clear change of pace band for this festival.

South Country Classic

South Country Classic made its debut at this festival as a live "rehearsal" on Friday at this festival last year. Ernie, along with Jr Davis and Dave O'Brien thought that they might have an IDEA with this country band singing classic country songs. The response of those who stayed through the quite chilly evening was electric. We heard lots about it the next morning, having headed to bed early. The band, with its flexible lineup is still finding a precise sound, but improves with each outing, and has lots of fun while providing fun for those who watch or who join them on stage. Look for a good show.

Ernie on the Telecaster

Swinging Bridge

Swinging Bridge, a local band from southwest Florida, around Englewood, is the first Florida band we remember seeing when we started coming to YeeHaw Junction about a dozen years ago. They're a reliable and pleasant band who enjoy delivering their stage show almost as much as they do holding the jams at their bus. They're a solid, versatile, reliable bluegrass band representing to sort of commitment that keeps bluegrass alive and thriving around the country.

Greg Bird

Greg Bird serves as a talented country karaoke entertainer, back-up emcee, and genial host for a variety of activities at Evans Media Source Events. He enjoys what he does and spreads that joy to those who attend. 

Jo Odum

We've been watching Jo as an emcee for more than ten years. Like fine wine, she just improves with age.....

Jan Ladd will lead a Sunday morning gospel jam.

The Details

The Florida Bluegrass Classic will be held in the Florida Classic Park in Brooksville, FL from February 22 - 26, 2017.  The Address is:

5360 Lockhart Road
Brooksville, FL

Tickets:   Thursday - $25.00     Friday - $25.00  Saturday - $30.00     Sunday - Free
                  Weekend at the Gate: $55.00

Seating: Bring your own chair - No High Backs!

Camping: Primitive Camping:    $11.00/Night
                  30 Amp Electric          $25.00/Night
                  50 Amp Electric          $30.00/Night
                   Camping Opens: Monday, February 20th
                   Camp for five nights, get one free

How To Get to the Florida Bluegrass Classic
Place Your Location in the O Line and Click to Create a Custom Map

The Florida Bluegrass Classic is, so far, a well run, small bluegrass festival in a site with almost unlimited room for growth, close to larger population centers in Central Florida. Hope to see YOU there. 

Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Detective and the Chinese High Fin: A John Darvelle Mystery by Michael Craven - Book Review

The Detective & the Chinese High Fin: A John Darvelle Mystery by Michael Craven (Harper Paperbacks, 2016, 336 Pages, $10.87/8.99) is a first person narrative from the point of view of the title character John Darvelle, a private detective who enjoys his job and is good at it. He practices the skills he needs by going to the gun range to practice, running and swimming to keep in shape, and sharpening his reflexes through playing ping-pong against the wall at high speed. Meanwhile, he brings his experiences and wide-ranging resources to bear on his cases.

The story begins with Darvelle being called to solve the mystery of what happened to the thoroughly unpleasant, elderly rich Mrs. Murial Dreen's engagement ring. This quickly solved job both introduces the reader to Darvelle and establishes some of his skills, both interpersonal and investigative, while opening the door to the larger mystery of the book. Darvelle receives a call from police lieutenant Mike Ott asking him to look into a cold case, the murder of Keaton Helton, a thoroughly unlikable son of wealthy parents who, after years of angering everyone he knows or is related to, is killed in his driveway with one shot. Every possible suspect has an air-tight alibi. Darvelle enters into a world he doesn't know and begins his investigation. Incidentally, the chinese high fin of the the title turns out to be a very expensive tropical fish. The plot is tight, the action convincing, and Darvelle believable.

As the complex plot develops, Craven explores elements of Darvelle's interests in side comments enriching the book. Target practice, mentors like Jim Douglas, who taught him to fight, and Marlon the Marlin a former mob guy, living out his dream on a boat he never leaves after retiring from the mob are colorful, well drawn characters who enrich the narrative. Keaton Helton's acquaintances (he had no friends) and family, all with solid alibis and reason to wish him dead, appear as human, truly angry, and innocent. John's comments enliven the story as he drives through the neighborhoods and small cities surrounding Los Angeles. His passion for Ping Pong, his love for swimming, his delight in small details all provide information about John Darvelle as a person as well as his work as a detective. They seem to be presented organically, without too much interjection from the narrator. I suppose that's why I favor first person narratives over third person, so-called objective. As the reader, I know and understand what's happening as it happens within the narrative. If he reflects on his background, experiences, and feelings, they seem to emerge from his present situation. All this contributes to good storytelling with narrative drive.

Michael Craven is the sort of detective fiction writer who hits a reader right at the opening and then keeps driving through the narrative. He reveals his plot and characters organically as the story emerges; there's no sense of artifice, of writerliness, or craft, just good story telling, which says that all the foregoing are included, but don't interfere with the story. That quality is scarce and turns good stories into wonderful experiences. While the story and the detective are nothing like any of Timothy Hallinan's characters, Darvelle reminds me of him. Darvelle doesn't take time with lengthy exposition, his descriptions grow from his experiences and the incidents he becomes involved with. He uses dialogue exceptionally well to reveal the situation and character. Darvelle is sharply drawn, likable, highly skilled, and a little quirky. His musings on life, his experiences, and his analysis of the story as it emerges come from within the character and never seem forced.

Michael Craven

Michael Craven has been a freelance advertising writer and creative director serving many national accounts. He is the author of two previous books, Body Copy and The Detective & the Pipe Girl (the first title in this series), nominated for both the Nero Wolfe and Shamus Awards. Michael was born in New York City, grew up in Jacksonville, Florida, lived for many years in Los Angeles, and is now back in New York City where he lives and works.

The Detective & the Chinese High Fin: A John Darvelle Mystery by Michael Craven (Harper Paperbacks, 2016, 336 Pages, $10.87/8.99) does an excellent job of building a likable character and engaging him in an intriguing mystery. The plot is convoluted, the clues present but not obvious, a good distraction, as well as a surprising and satisfactory resolution. I've already bought the two precursor books to this one, and look forward to following Michael Craven as he further develops his character and his own skill. I bought the book at Amazon.com for reading on my Kindle app.

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The Palatka Bluegrass Festival 2017 - Preview

The thirteenth annual Palatka Bluegrass Festival, presented by Norman Adams as a benefit for the Rodeheaver Boys Ranch, will run this year from February 16 - 18, 2017 at the Rodeheaver Boys Ranch a few miles south of Palatka in northeastern Florida. The largest bluegrass festival held in Florida, it will feature many of the top stars in bluegrass music in the covered pavilion on the ranch grounds. The campground, with over 500 water/electric sites is conveniently located, an easy walk from the pavilion and serviced by a shuttle for people not wishing to walk. A corral is also beside the pavilion to make it easy for those who bring their golf carts.
The Lineup

Jerry Foran & the Bluegrass Revolution

Jerry Foran has, apparently, been around for quite some time touring with a variety of bands from the 1970's through 1992, when he retired from the road to Florida. He's now reconstituted his band singing bluegrass and gospel bluegrass as a band called the Bluegrass Revolution.. He's opening this year's Palatka. 

Penny Creek

Penny Creek is a local band located in Melbourne, FL where they have played twice a week for about a decade. Band leader Susan Pounds has grown the band and its sound, adding increasingly able players as they have come available. With the addition of Trevor Klutz on fiddle to join Fritz Kraemer on mandolin, Penny Creek emerges as a full sounding, well rounded bluegrass band ready to move on to bigger venues and a larger radius of performance areas. This will be their second appearance in the professional lineup at Palatka 

The Little Roy & Lizzy Show

Little Roy Lewis is a throwback to an earlier day in bluegrass when bluegrass gospel bands combined their evangelical fervor with baggy pants comedy reminiscent of vaudeville and minstrel shows. He's a classic clown as well as a consummate musician, often underestimated because of his clowning. Lizzy Long, Little Roy's protege, has developed into a multi-instrumentalist and a solid singer as well as a comic in her own right. The band plays hard driving bluegrass with an act that might seem dated, unless you understand the importance of a figure like Little Roy, who began performing with his family's band in the 1950's. The band is widely popular for its historical value and its gospel music. 

Lizzy Long

Feller & Hill

Tom Feller and Chris Hill have consistently improved their band with judicious personnel changes. With the recent addition of Tony Holt giving them another connection to the Boys of Indiana, they have added a seasoned vocalist. The band specializes in the work of Tom's uncle Aubrey Holt, Tony's dad as well as the music and spirit of Buck Owens. They always give a strong account of themselves.

Jackson, Cordle, & Salley

Three of bluegrass, country and gospel music's most prominent singer/songwriter/performers have joined together to present a show featuring each of them singing his own music with the other two as backup singers and musicians. Beyond penning hits, they've each won plenty of awards, including Grammy's. All three men are personable, and enjoy sharing their music with receptive audiences. This show is a treat that's been seen and appreciated widely. 

Del McCoury Band (One Show)

Del McCoury represents both a connection to the founders of bluegrass, having been a Blue Grass Boy with Bill Monroe, and looking forward into the future as the content of his music and the venues where he chooses to deliver it, offering traditional music in distinctly non-traditional venues...and they love it! Del McCoury has taken his music to places like Bonnaroo, Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, and his own DelFest and played with bands as different as the electric gospel band The Lee Boys and the Preservation Hall Jazz  Band from New Orleans, while continuing to play at bluegrass festivals. A members of the Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame, he is also a Grammy winning performer. Don't miss this show.

Lots of Jamming

Deeper Shade of Blue
Jason Fraley & Troy Pope

North Carolina may produce more bluegrass pickers and more bands than any other state, no...region, in the country. Many pickers come from this state and countless bands reside there. Bands emerge from this roiling environment to achieve success, having survived a demanding competition. Deeper Shade of Blue was just beginning a little more than a decade ago when we saw them at the Rivertown Bluegrass Society in Conway SC. Snce then, they have emerged as one of the best bands in the state and begun to tour more widely. They play traditional bluegrass and a good deal of music created by band members.

Jim Fraley

The Spinney Brothers

Allan and Rick Spinney have become welcome additions to many bluegrass festivals across the country, coming to them from their home in Nova Scotia. They bring a Canadian sense of earnestness along with their deep respect for traditional bluegrass and country music, home and family. They sing familiar older songs and contemporary ones, some of the best written by Mark Brinkman and Dixie Hall. 

Dry Branch Fire Squad

Ron Thomason is bluegrass music's resident philosopher, social commentator, and humorist. As the leader of Dry Branch Fire Squad, he has told stories, spun yarns, and spread traditional bluegrass along with old-time gospel music far and wide. His monologues and ham-boning (if you don't know what that is, just wait) are renowned and revered at the many major festivals where the band is a regular. 

Nothin' Fancy
Tony Shorter & Mike Andes

Nothin' Fancy has grown as a band and consciously moved itself up to another level within the hierarchy of bands. The addition, about a year ago of young Caleb Cox on guitar, Dobro, and lead and harmony vocals, gives the band the best guitar player/singer it's ever had. Chris Sexton's virtuosity on fiddle, along with Andes' song writing, singing and leadership helps create a new synergy that works. They've given up some of their silliness, while not losing their sense of humor. This band should now be recognized as a welcome addition anywhere. 

The Gibson Brothers

The Gibson Brothers have had nine consecutive CD's reach number one on the Bluegrass Unlimited charts. Their new album called "In the Ground" is their first recording made up exclusively of songs they have written. It's their much awaited second release from Rounder Records. Twice IBMA Entertainers of the Year and Song of the Year for Ring the Bell and They Called It Music, as well as other awards, they have proven themselves to be of lasting quality. Furthermore, the brother banter between Eric and Leigh is treasured by the many fans of their live performances. 

Dailey & Vincent (one show)

Dailey and Vincent were founded in 2007 to wide approval, making one of their earliest appearances at Palatka in February of 2008. The two graduated from major bands (Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder for Darren Vincent and Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver for Jamie Dailey) had planned carefully, mapping out precisely the kind of show band they wished to have. A decade later, they have appeared in places they never expected when they first hit the Trail and this year were inducted as members of the Grand Old Opry. They have successfully combined bluegrass, bluegrass gospel, and country music into a stunningly successful recording and performing career. 

Friday at Palatka may turn out to offer one of the finest days of bluegrass music you will ever experience!

The Spinney Brothers
Dry Branch Fire Squad

The Gary Waldrep Band

Gary Waldrep comes from the Rural Sand Mountain region of northeastern Alabama, where he learned his deep faith and his traditional bluegrass music. He plays fine banjo, both Scruggs style and Clawhammer, while he dances and sings. Mindy Rakestraw, on harmony and lead vocals as well as rhythm guitar, is reliable and high quallity, while Micky Boles is a whirling dervish of high energy on mandolin. The band, well known in the South, has been popular there for years. 

Balsam Range

Coming from western North Carolina, in the heart of the Smokey Mountains, Balsam Range sings about many aspects of rural life, the mountains, farming, paper factories and more. They bring to the many songs they write the various musical influences affecting their lives - bluegrass, country, rock & roll, and gospel music. The band has four singers, giving them a range of vocal colors and five fine instrumentalists. Band spokesman Tim Surrett and mandolinist Darren Nicholson provide much of the humor. Named IBMA Entertainer of the Year once and Vocal Group of the Year twice as well as garnering several other awards, this band has catapulted into prominence, and promises to keep itself in your consciousness. 

Rhonda Vincent and the Rage

Rhonda Vincent has been a consummate entertainer and a major draw at festivals, both large and small, for many years. She has consistently built her excellent band, adding strength at every position. She has garnered the IBMA Female Vocalist of the Year award eight times, most recently in 2015 as well as Entertainer of the Year. The addition of her most recent son-in-law Brent Burke and her daughter Sally Berry has continued the building process. Perhaps less noticed is that Rhonda is one of the finest and most reliable harmony singers around. Her appearance on a number of bluegrass and country recordings provides musical testimony to this. You'll get a good sample of this as she shares the closing set on Saturday with country singer Daryle Singletary. Finally, Rhonda is one of the hardest working artists anywhere, staying at her merch table until the last fan has shaken her hand or had a picture taken.

Daryle Singletary (one show with Rhonda)

Daryle Singletary has a pleasant stage personality and a comfortable baritone country voice. He made his greatest impact on country music during the 1990's with top forty Hot Country Songs on the Billboard chars like I Let Her Lie and Amen Kind of Love. Recently, he has found a welcoming outreach from bluegrass music, where there's a great appreciation for classic country sounds. Unlike many country personalities, he seems comfortable with meeting and greeting the bluegrass audience and being seen around the grounds of a festival.  He will be closing the festival with a single ninety minute set on Saturday on which Rhonda Vincent will be joining him. 

A Wernick Style Jam Camp will be presented by Gilbert Nelson during the festival. For people who are "closet" pickers, these jam camps will introduce you to the principles of jamming and provide you with opportunities to pick in an accepting learning environment suitable for beginner and novice people who wish to participate in jamming, one of the cornerstones of the bluegrass experience.
Norman Adams has put together a very strong and balanced bluegrass festival at a venue which is used to very good shows and big crowds. This year's edition stands out. 

Norman & Judy Adams

The Details
Rodeheaver Boys’ Ranch
380 Boys' Ranch Road
Palatka, FL 32177

The Rodeheaver Boys Ranch, founded in 1950 by musical evangelist Homer Rodeheaver houses about fifty boys who, for a variety of reasons, can no longer live in their homes. The boys live in a family environment in ten houses staffed by house parents, where they learn good study and work habits as well as the values of the ranch and attend the local public school, . The ranch's motto is: It Is Better to Build Boys Than to Mend Men.

Tickets:    General Admission Adult
      $  35 - per day in advance
      $  40 - per day at the gate
      $  85 - 3 days in advance
      $  90 - 3 days at the gate
General Admission Child
      $   15 - per day
      $   45 - 3 days in advance
      $   50 - 3 days at the gate

Children under 7 free with adult

  *Credit card orders will incur a 
small processing fee of $3 per 3 day ticket and $2 per daily ticket and child's ticket.

Camping: Camping available onsite with 500 plus sites. Call The Boys Ranch @ 386-328-1281 to make reservations. The campground is very large. There are still spaces available. The Ranch provides a shuttle for those who find the distances daunting, while a corral is available at the performance shed for golf carts.

 Food & Concessions: A variety of food and shopping options are available on site. The ranch dining room provides breakfast and dinner at reasonable prices. Just behind the performance shed there is a snack bar selling burgers, hot dogs, and the best Brunswick Stew I've ever had. Commercial vendors offer ice cream, barbecue, coffee and more. 

Ranch Concessions

Ranch Headquarters - Dining Room

You can view the festival flyer here A seating diagram is included as well as information about the kind of seating appropriate for this festival. NO  HIGH BACKS or EXTRA WIDE SEATS are allowed!

How to Get to The Palatka Bluegrass Festival
Click on the Map Here Then Input Your Address 
in the O Space

If you're a Facebook friend of mine or Irene's and we haven't met you yet, please stop us to say hello. We always enjoy making face-to-face acquaintance with you. See you there!

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YeeHaw Music Fest 2017 - Part 2 Review

Friday morning continued the fine weather that had set a hard-to-beat standard for any festival, anywhere. Combined with a flexible, wide open venue, and capable, hard-working volunteers, and good planning (despite the inevitable small issues that always arise) the festival continued to create the kind of musical and personal experiences that lead to lifelong memories. The bands ranged from some of the best in the business to high quality local and regional bands worth hearing. Let's take a look.

The Cunning Hams

Frank Cunningham has been involved in Florida bluegrass for a long time. He's currently teamed with Dave O'Brien and a comely and talented pair of twin sisters to present a pleasant and tuneful opening set, His appearance at this year's YeeHaw provided continuity with the old YeeHaw Junction site with the opening set for Friday morning.

Frank Cunningham and Dave O'Brien

Spider Prevatt

 Moe Prevatt

Frank Cunningham

Dave O'Brien

Spider & Moe

 Typically, when a band plays twice at a festival, I only cover them once. So, for instance, since Nothin' Fancy and Remington Ryde are covered in Part I of the YeeHaw Music Fest coverage having performed on both Thursday and Friday, I won't be covering them in this post. 

Monroe Crossing

Monroe Crossing, a bluegrass band with a difference, comes from the cold north in the middle of the country - Minnesota. They are, perhaps, the best band many of you have never heard of. They play largely in the midwest, with sojourns on each coast with a couple of bluegrass cruises thrown in. They've taken the name of Bill Monroe as part of their name, and put in a reminder that they cross many borders - jazz, pop, folk, rock, and more, all adapted, to a greater or lesser extent, to the bluegrass, with always a nod to the founders of bluegrass as well as a good taste of more contemporary music. One participant on the just landed tour remarked, "I've heard them sing eight sets in the past week with only three repeats, and those were all requests." How many bands do you know that can pull that off? For musical quality, animation, variety, and a lively show, there aren't many better than Monroe Crossing.

Matt Thompson

Derek Johnson

David Robinson

Lisa Fuglie

Mark Anderson

David Johnson & Mark Anderson

Matt Thompson, Lisa Fugile & Matt Thompson

After Hours South Country Classic 

Continuing the theme of Classic Country Music as a complement to bluegrass, South Country Classic presented a set of classic country music. Inviting members of bands which had performed earlier as well as people from the audience while continuing with the core band, they presented a fun and interesting set of music for those with the stamina to stay.

Sonya Stratton

Jr Davis

Ernie Evans

David Johnson

 Josh Griffin - Soundman Shows His Versatility

Dave O'Brien

Blue Cypress Bluegrass

Blue Cypress Bluegrass is a local band based in Vero Beach. They play mostly traditional bluegrass classics and old time country with good tempos and singing. They also can be seen in the campground jamming. 

Tim Lynch

Bill Hare

Allen Rudd

John Apfelthalter

Penny Creek

Penny Creek is also a local band that has improved mightily during the four or so years we've been watching them. Sharpened by steady work at a couple of local venue and steady improvements to their personnel, they have recently added Trevor Klutz at fiddle, who, once again, proves the old addage, "You gotta have a fiddle in the band." Chris Paganoni contributes strong flat picking and singing as well as writing affecting songs. Fritz Kraemer is animated on mandolin. Isaac Taylor is a fine banjo player and singer, with a wide range of styles at his disposal. Susan Pounds, on bass, has provided steady leadership along with her steady, reliable bass and good singing voice. This band is poised to step up to the next level.

Susan Pounds

Isaac Taylor

Chris Paganoni

Fritz Kraemer

Trevor Klutz

Before concluding the music with the great IIIrd Tyme Out, Ernie and Deb Evans took a few minutes to recognize many of the people who have contributed to their growing success over the years. Here are some of the recipients of the plaques. 

Ernie with Deb (Making a Rare Stage Appearance

 Recognition of Previous YeeHaw Owners
Keith & Darlene Bass

Bob Jennin - The Flyer Man

Jo Odum - Premier Emcee
presented by Greg Bird

IIIrd Tyme Out

Throughout its twenty-five year career, IIIrd Tyme Out has consistently ranked at the top of bluegrass bands in the country. Russell Moore has been named Male Vocalist of the Year five times, while the band has also been vocal group of the year five times, also. They've also won a handful of other awards from IBMA and other organizations. This band can be counted on to deliver a first rate performance and to pop up in almost any part of the country. Jerry Cole, on bass, has returned a solidity to that position, while Wayne Benson is widely recognized as one of the finest mandolin stylists and teachers around. They are consistent crowd pleasers. 

Russell Moore

Kevin McKinnon

Wayne Benson

Justen Haynes

Jerry Cole

Russell, Jerry & Wayne

Jo Odom

Over the years, Jo Odum has developed her well-modulated onstage voice, become deeply informed about bluegrass music, and shone a very pleasing and welcoming stage persona. She's one of the best emcees around

No bluegrass festival can work without first rate sound. Evans Media Source provides its own sound for all its own events in addition to those presented by other promoters. Sound technicians must be attentive at all times, as well as present to both set up and tear down. Ernie has trained Josh Griffin and Larry Payton, and they've emerged as a fine sound team, tuning each venue for the particular demands of acoustic music.

Josh Griffin

Larry Payton

Larry On the Job

Matt Dorriety
Agri-Civic Center Manager

Matt Dorriety & Ernie Evans

So Long for Until Next Year

 Next Evans Media source bluegrass event, The Bluegrass Classic to run from February 22 - 26 at the Dog Park on Lockhart Road in Brooksville. Here's the flyer:

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