Friday, January 20, 2017

YeeHaw Music Fest 2017 - Part 2 Review

Friday morning continued the fine weather that had set a hard-to-beat standard for any festival, anywhere. Combined with a flexible, wide open venue, and capable, hard-working volunteers, and good planning (despite the inevitable small issues that always arise) the festival continued to create the kind of musical and personal experiences that lead to lifelong memories. The bands ranged from some of the best in the business to high quality local and regional bands worth hearing. Let's take a look.

The Cunning Hams

Frank Cunningham has been involved in Florida bluegrass for a long time. He's currently teamed with Dave O'Brien and a comely and talented pair of twin sisters to present a pleasant and tuneful opening set, His appearance at this year's YeeHaw provided continuity with the old YeeHaw Junction site with the opening set for Friday morning.

Frank Cunningham and Dave O'Brien

Spider Prevatt

 Moe Prevatt

Frank Cunningham

Dave O'Brien

Spider & Moe

 Typically, when a band plays twice at a festival, I only cover them once. So, for instance, since Nothin' Fancy and Remington Ryde are covered in Part I of the YeeHaw Music Fest coverage having performed on both Thursday and Friday, I won't be covering them in this post. 

Monroe Crossing

Monroe Crossing, a bluegrass band with a difference, comes from the cold north in the middle of the country - Minnesota. They are, perhaps, the best band many of you have never heard of. They play largely in the midwest, with sojourns on each coast with a couple of bluegrass cruises thrown in. They've taken the name of Bill Monroe as part of their name, and put in a reminder that they cross many borders - jazz, pop, folk, rock, and more, all adapted, to a greater or lesser extent, to the bluegrass, with always a nod to the founders of bluegrass as well as a good taste of more contemporary music. One participant on the just landed tour remarked, "I've heard them sing eight sets in the past week with only three repeats, and those were all requests." How many bands do you know that can pull that off? For musical quality, animation, variety, and a lively show, there aren't many better than Monroe Crossing.

Matt Thompson

Derek Johnson

David Robinson

Lisa Fuglie

Mark Anderson

David Johnson & Mark Anderson

Matt Thompson, Lisa Fugile & Matt Thompson

After Hours South Country Classic 

Continuing the theme of Classic Country Music as a complement to bluegrass, South Country Classic presented a set of classic country music. Inviting members of bands which had performed earlier as well as people from the audience while continuing with the core band, they presented a fun and interesting set of music for those with the stamina to stay.

Sonya Stratton

Jr Davis

Ernie Evans

David Johnson

 Josh Griffin - Soundman Shows His Versatility

Dave O'Brien

Blue Cypress Bluegrass

Blue Cypress Bluegrass is a local band based in Vero Beach. They play mostly traditional bluegrass classics and old time country with good tempos and singing. They also can be seen in the campground jamming. 

Tim Lynch

Bill Hare

Allen Rudd

John Apfelthalter

Penny Creek

Penny Creek is also a local band that has improved mightily during the four or so years we've been watching them. Sharpened by steady work at a couple of local venue and steady improvements to their personnel, they have recently added Trevor Klutz at fiddle, who, once again, proves the old addage, "You gotta have a fiddle in the band." Chris Paganoni contributes strong flat picking and singing as well as writing affecting songs. Fritz Kraemer is animated on mandolin. Isaac Taylor is a fine banjo player and singer, with a wide range of styles at his disposal. Susan Pounds, on bass, has provided steady leadership along with her steady, reliable bass and good singing voice. This band is poised to step up to the next level.

Susan Pounds

Isaac Taylor

Chris Paganoni

Fritz Kraemer

Trevor Klutz

Before concluding the music with the great IIIrd Tyme Out, Ernie and Deb Evans took a few minutes to recognize many of the people who have contributed to their growing success over the years. Here are some of the recipients of the plaques. 

Ernie with Deb (Making a Rare Stage Appearance

 Recognition of Previous YeeHaw Owners
Keith & Darlene Bass

Bob Jennin - The Flyer Man

Jo Odum - Premier Emcee
presented by Greg Bird

IIIrd Tyme Out

Throughout its twenty-five year career, IIIrd Tyme Out has consistently ranked at the top of bluegrass bands in the country. Russell Moore has been named Male Vocalist of the Year five times, while the band has also been vocal group of the year five times, also. They've also won a handful of other awards from IBMA and other organizations. This band can be counted on to deliver a first rate performance and to pop up in almost any part of the country. Jerry Cole, on bass, has returned a solidity to that position, while Wayne Benson is widely recognized as one of the finest mandolin stylists and teachers around. They are consistent crowd pleasers. 

Russell Moore

Kevin McKinnon

Wayne Benson

Justen Haynes

Jerry Cole

Russell, Jerry & Wayne

Jo Odom

Over the years, Jo Odum has developed her well-modulated onstage voice, become deeply informed about bluegrass music, and shone a very pleasing and welcoming stage persona. She's one of the best emcees around

No bluegrass festival can work without first rate sound. Evans Media Source provides its own sound for all its own events in addition to those presented by other promoters. Sound technicians must be attentive at all times, as well as present to both set up and tear down. Ernie has trained Josh Griffin and Larry Payton, and they've emerged as a fine sound team, tuning each venue for the particular demands of acoustic music.

Josh Griffin

Larry Payton

Larry On the Job

Matt Dorriety
Agri-Civic Center Manager

Matt Dorriety & Ernie Evans

So Long for Until Next Year

 Next Evans Media source bluegrass event, The Bluegrass Classic to run from February 22 - 26 at the Dog Park on Lockhart Road in Brooksville. Here's the flyer:

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