Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fall Foto Favorites 2008

This Fall we attended six bluegrass festivals and IBMA. This is a fairly slow season for major bluegrass events, so, during the next few weeks, I'll post a series of my favorite pictures from the our fall season. Towards the end of December my blog will be celebrating its second anniversary, and I'll be posting an assessment and overview of what I think I've learned during the past year. Meanwhile, the next few posts will be short on text while including a lot of pictures. The pictures will be in more or less chronological order and grouped by bands. Enjoy the pictures, and, as always, I welcome your comments either in the comments section here or in the forums.

The first set is drawn from pictures taken at three festivals: The Mountain Song Festival in Brevard, NC, Laurel Lakes near Salemburg, NC, and The Denton Farmpark Festival in Denton, NC. While the three events differed hugely, there was wonderful music to be heard and seen at all three. The pictures are presented in more-or-less alphabetical order by band.

Blue Highway at Denton

Rob Ickes

Tim Stafford

Steve Gulley & Alan Bibey of Grasstowne (Denton)

Jason Davis (Grasstowne)

Jayme Booher (Grasstowne)

Alan Bibey (Grasstowne)

Phil Leadbetter (Grasstowne)

Steve Gulley

Phil Leadbetter, Tim Stafford, Rob Ickes (All IBMA Award Winners)

Michael Cleveland at Denton (Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper)

Jesse Baker (Flamekeeper)

Marshall Wilborn (Flamekeeper)

Jesse Brock

James King at Denton

Chris Hill (James King Band)

Kevin Prater, Chris Hill & James King

Al Batten at Denton
Johnny Ridge (Al Batten & the Bluegrass Reunion)

Dennis Cash, Danny Stanley, Tom Langden (Carolina Sonshine)

Danny Stanley at Denton

The Circuit Riders at Denton

Darrin Aldridge of The Circuit Riders

Greg Luck (The Circuit Riders)

Larry Sparks

Larry Sparks

Alan Mills of Lost & Found (Denton)

Scott Napier (Lost & Found)

"J.D. Crowe" & Lorraine Jordan at Laurel Lakes
Jerry Butler of Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road
Align Left

Ben Greene (Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road)

Josh Goforth (Carolina Road)

Lorraine Jordan & Jerry Butler

Gina Britt Tew

Sammy Shelor of Lonesome River Band (Laurel Lakes)

Brandon Rickman (LRB)

Mike Anglin (LRB)
Steep Canyon Rangers (Hosts of Mountain Song Festival, Brevard, NC)

Woody Platt (Steep Canyon Rangers)

Mike Guggino (Steep Canyon Rangers)
Charles Humphrey III of Steep Canyon Rangers (Denton)

Nicky Sanders of Steep Canyon Rangers (Denton)

Graham Sharp, Mike Guggino, Woody Platt

Sam Bush at Brevard

Scott Vestal (Sam Bush)

Byron House

Tim O'Brien (Brevard)

Steve Martin with Steep Canyon Rangers

Tim O'Brien & Steve Martin

Sandy Leigh Cherryholmes & Steve Martin

Cia Cherryholmes

Skip Cherryholmes

Cia Cherryholmes

So that's the first set. Let me know if you think I might have pictures of people you'd like to see.


  1. Great photos Ted, but how on earth do you choose? You've got so many great ones!

  2. Thanks for the comment,Byron. The reason I have a lot of good pictures lies in taking so many and hoping some of them work. The equipment help, too. I work at my photography as well as my writing and am very pleased with some of the material I posted here. Thanks again. - Ted

  3. Great pictures, Ted. I really enjoyed looking at them. Some brought a big smile to my face. Thanks to you and the Bluegrass Blog for sharing your work this past year. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Vicki Abbott, The WWB,