Sunday, August 5, 2012

Podunk 2012 - Friday

Amy Gallatin & Stillwaters
Amy Gallatin & Roger Williams 

Amy Gallatin's hard work and clear, warm voice are under-appreciated on the national stage, but New England knows her work and promoters her willingness to deliver first rate performances to mediocre slots at festivals throughout the region. Her band has been enhanced by her partnership with Roger Williams and the growing skill and confidence shown by J.D. Williams, Roger's son.  She delivered once again at Podunk to the pleasure of all those who delivered themselves to the stage early and stayed to listen and enjoy.

J. D. Williams

Roger Williams

 Eric Levenson

 Billy Thibodoux (guest performer)

Amy Gallatin

 Eddie & Matha Adcock w/Tom Gray
Eddie Adcock

Eddie and Martha Adcock along with frequent sidekick Tom Gray bring an historical connection to any festival where they perform as well as continuing to offer humor and musicality. Members of the first classic lineup of The Country Gentlemen, Adcock and Gray represent a link to the earliest second generation of great bluegrass bands. The Country Gentlemen, formed in 1957,  brought folk music and rock influences into bluegrass and were seen at the time as being revolutionary. Their work has, over the years, become part of the standard bluegrass repertory and establishes a pattern of musical growth and change within bluegrass that continues to this day.  Martha offers melodious singing and as much discipline as anyone can impose on Eddie to the mix.

Tom Gray

Martha Adcock

Eddie Adcock

Belfry Fellows

Belfry Fellows, although it contain only one common member, is the successor group to Rockin' Acoustic Circus which seems to have dissolved since they were booked at Podunk. Regardless of its antecedants, Belfry Fellows is a very solid young group with a progressive sound fusing old time, ancient folk sounds, and bluegrass into a pleasant and very musical mix.   They will bear watching as they continue to develop and mature as individuals and as a group.

Sterling Abernathy

Josh Philpott

Adam Chiffens

Rachel Ballman

Dawn Kenney - Podunk Family Reunion

Dawn Kenney is a New England-based singer/songwriter who brings a lovely voice and sparkling personality to the stage. Co-author with other members of last year's songwriting workshop conducted by Louisa Branscomb, brought their Podunk Family Reunion song to the new venue where the family will continue to gather each year. Their brief performance of Dawn's songs was greeted with appreciation.

Brandon Godman 

Don Barry

Dick Drake

Glenn Nelson

The Hillbenders
Nolan Lawrence

The Hillbenders followed their fine set Thursday evening with two fine contributions on Friday.  Their rock infused bluegrass nurtured in the rich bluegrass tradition that Alan Munde created at South Plains College generates excitement with its fine musicianship, respect for the tradition from which they come, and willingness to take a risk in adding something new. The presence of Eddie Adcock and Tom Gray preceding in the lineup with the Hillbenders reminds us that throughout the history of bluegrass, bands taking risks to grow the music in evolutionary directions have all contributed to a rich and varied body of work. The Hillbenders are very much in this tradition and deserve attention and respect.

Jimmy Rea


 Gary Rea

Mark Cassidy & Chad Graves

The Hillbenders - "Radio" - Video

 Dale Ann Bradley

Dale Ann Bradley has surrounded herself with the finest band we've ever seen with her. With or without Steve Gulley, who had a schedule conflict, this aggregation is carefully selected to highlight Dale Ann's voice and deep feeling. She brings a quality of understanding and passion to singing beautiful songs that's still unmatched in bluegrass. 
 Brandon Godman

Mike Sumner

 Clint Hurd

Bryan Spencer

Dale Ann Bradley

Dailey & Vincent
 Darrin Vincent

Jamie Dailey

Dailey & Vincent presented their carefully produced show for an appreciative crowd to close the show. Their singing was filled with the religiosity their fans appreciate and enough bluegrass and traditional country music to keep others happy.  Musically, they continue to improve with the additions they make. I'd be interested to see their southern gospel production at some point to better understand the contrasts between what they perform at bluegrass festivals and for other venues. 

B.J. Cherryholmes

Christian Davis

Jeff Parker

Jesse Baker

It was a really good musical day at Podunk, despite the heat.  The choice of Dodd Stadium as the new venue has huge potential if fans can reconcile themselves to the changes they encounter enough to embrace and support this terrific event.

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