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Gettysburg Bluegrass Festival May 14 - 17, 2015 - Preview

 The Stage that Alison Built

The Gettysburg Bluegrass Festival will run it's seventieth semi-annual event from May 14 through the 17th at the Granite Hill Camping Resort near Gettysburg, PA.  Located in a destination camping resort near what National Geographic has labeled one of the top ten Civil War sites, which also offers the charming town of Gettysburg with lots of restaurants and antiquing, and the surrounding rural area, Granite Hill is a delightful place to camp. While the campsites offering hookups are probably long gone, it's worth a call to see if there are any sites left. Regardless, there's always plenty of room for rough camping with hot showers and flush toilets available in addition to the usual portables. The setting is beautiful, the environment welcoming, and the music...superb.

The Lineup

As is usual at Gettysburg, the lineup is exceptional! The highlight drawing card will be a long performance on Saturday night by The Earls of Leicester, a tribute band brought together by Jerry Douglas to remind audiences of the importance and continuing relevance of Flatt & Scruggs. When I saw this band in Raleigh last year, I discovered for myself why Flatt & Scruggs had been such a high impact band, not only in its time, but for all times. Because this band performs a limited schedule due to the conflicting responsibilities of its members, it's not possible to say who will be included. Suffice it to say the the Earls of Leicester will deliver.

The lineup doesn't stop there, however. Dailey & Vincent will present a long set on Thursday night with Rhonda Vincent & the Rage on Saturday. Up and coming bands like Nu-Blu and Sideline are there. There are some slightly off the beaten track bands you don't know yet, but may well get to know better in coming years, bands like The Stray Birds and the Hogslop String Band. There are also the old, tried-and-true friends of Gettysburg: Dry Branch Fire Squad and The Seldom Scene. As of this writing, our old friend TBA is still on the schedule, so you can look for some interesting additions to the lineup.

 Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper

Blue Highway

Hogslop String Band TBA

Dailey & Vincent (90 Minute Set)

The Stray Birds

Kenny & Amanda Smith Band

Amanda Smith

 Balsam Range

Steep Canyon Rangers



 Dry Branch Fire Squad


 Rhonda Vincent & The Rage

The Seldom Scene

Big Country Bluegrass

Jerry Douglas Presents The Earls of Leicester (90 Minute Set)

Dry Branch Fire Squad
Big Country Bluegrass
The Seldom Scene (75 Minute Set)

The Details

The Gettysburg Bluegrass Festival is the first major Spring festival we attend as we travel towards the North East. Located about ten miles north of the Mason-Dixon line, it's technically in the north, and also represents the high tide of Confederate military advances. Granite Hill is a family campground, and the Festival is a family festival, with lots of young and teenage children around the grounds having fun and enjoying the early spring air. The Campground sells beer and wine onsite. A large swimming pool lies close enough to the main stage to allow attendees to watch and listen to bluegrass from the water. 

The Swimming Pool

However, it often (some would say "almost always") rains here during the four days, so those attending should come prepared for anything from swimming in the pool to shivering under an umbrella. Rain gear and warm clothes are often necessary.

Kids Can Roam and Play

There's also a miniature golf course, a fishing pool, swing sets, and a ball field...lots for kids of all ages to do. And plenty of jamming, too, as well as the workshops, which are always well-designed and interesting.

Ordering Tickets and Reserving Camping Space: Further information about camping can be found here
Ticket Pricing

Call: 1-800-642-TENT

How to Get to Granite Hill Camping Resort
Home of the Gettysburg Bluegrass Festival
Input Your Location on the o and click

Gettysburg is one of the Bucket List festivals for bluegrass fans. We've been attending for several years now and only regret we can't attend twice a year. Regardless, we'll be there for Jam Camp (which always precedes this festival; for registration Look Here.) during the week and looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones over the weekend. See you there!

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