Sunday, April 29, 2007

Merlefest 2007 - Saturday

What to say about today. In a 20th anniversary Merlefest jam hosted by Sam Bush five members of New Grass Reunion appeared on stage together and sang one of their songs. Sam, John Cowan, Pat Flynn, Bela Fleck, and Jerry Douglas together. A great bluegrass moment!! The other never to be forgotten moment was when Earl Scruggs joined Doc Watson on the Stage. So much more, too. Allison Krauss and Union Station with Tony Rice kept over 20,000 people in their seats til nearly midnite. Here's some pics from the day and I'll write more in a few days.

There's lots to say about Merlefest. It isn't perfect - the crowds are huge, the lines for food and relief are long, but people are friendly and good natured, and the music is without compare. More later. Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures and let me know how you like them.


  1. Wow! Great photography work, Ted! Can't wait to read your thoughts on the entire week.

  2. Terrific photography. I'm impressed that you don't have the Merlefest logo in every frame, even though they set up the photo platforms to make that happen.