Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Warning about Mandolin Farm Bluegrass Festival

The promoters of the Mandolin Farm Bluegrass Festival, Willie and Sabrina Jarrell, contacted Alan Bibey with some disturbing news about a scam involving their Festival. Alan informed Lowell Jewell so that he could make sure he had the correct link on the Grasstowne Tour Schedule. He, in turn contacted Lisa Burdett, his friend and a close friend of Willie and Sabrina, and she has triple verified this info for us.
Here's the scoop...
The CORRECT link for this festival is

The old web site(s) was maintained by another party who is now using the old site(s) to sell tickets that will never be delivered to the purchaser. DO NOT purchase tickets through these web sites.
If you are a musician and are scheduled to play this festival, please make sure you are NOT LINKED to or Again, DO NOT link to these sites. It is my understanding that this was a problem last year and some folks showed up for one of the "supposed" FREE days that were advertised on the fake sites. Lowell has no idea what the Jarrell's are doing "legally" to solve this, but for now we need to spread the word about the correct link.

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