Friday, June 22, 2007

Jenny Brook Family BG Festival - Thursday

The Jenny Brook Family Festival in Weston, VT got underway yesterday with a bang, in this case literally as thunder showers surrounded the area, most of them passing to the northeast. There was some rain, but the audience was enthusiastic and the music was fine. All day long various kinds of RV rigs rolled into the area and were checked in and located in slots by the volunteers. People set up their rigs and settled in. Jammers began pickin’ and the festival began to buzz.

At six o’clock the music started with the Sawyer Brothers, hosts Candi and Seth’s two young sons Mathews and Adam. Accompanied by their parents, the boys sang the five songs from their new CD, much to the crowd’s support and pleasure. Following the Sawyer Brothers, other local bands played what turned out to be a very pleasant evening of classic country on acoustic instruments and bluegrass from a band put together by Seth for the day. Here’s a few pics from Thursday.

Candi Sawyer

Brenda and Friends

Brenda Mathews

Mathew and Adam Sawyer

Precision Valley Bluegrass

Seth Sawyer

Family and Friends


Look for more tomorrow with some text, if I can find the time. This is a great little festival - warm, homey, and welcoming. Come on out!!

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