Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fall Foto Favorites 2008 - Fan Fest Saturday

Fan Fest at IBMA was such a huge event, that I've chosen to put two collections of photographs up for this event. I'll finish my year end photo review with a set from later events in a week or so. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this set.

Carrie Hasler

Carl Jackson & Carrie Hasler


Randy Graham & Audie Blaylock

Audie Blaylock & Redline

Joe Booher & Tim Shelton (New Found Road)

Greg Corbett (Circuit Riders)

Greg Luck & Darin Aldridge (Circuit Riders)

Jarret Carter (Circuit Riders)

Darin Aldridge (Circuit Riders)

Justin Carbone (Special Consensus)

Greg Cahill (Special Consensus & IBMA President)

Alecia Nugent

Melonie Cannon & Alecia Nugent

Blake Williams (Williams & Clark Expedition)

Michael Martin Murphey

Michael Martin Murphey

Eamon McLaughlin (Greencards)

Carol Young (Greencards)

Jake Stargell (Greencards)

Carol Young (Greencards)

Ralph Stanley II

Ronnie Bowman
Ronnie Bowman
Donica Christiansen (Ronnie Bowman)
Katie Wilson, Ronnie Bowman & Kayln Hall

Darrin Vincent & Jamie Dailey

Jeff Parker (Dailey & Vincent)
Jamie Dailey

Darrin Vincent & Joe Dean, Jr. (Dailey & Vincent)

Amy Grant & Vince Gill backstage

Vince Gill Bluegrass Band

Vince Gill

Terry Baucom

Bradley Walker Band

Bradley Walker
Kathy Matea, Carl Jackson, & Kitsy Kuykendahl

Carl Jackson, Pete & Kitsy Kuykendahl (Bluegrass Unlimited)

Lonesome River Band

Sammy Shelor (LRB)

Brandon Rickman (LRB)

Mark Hartgrove (LRB)

Carl Jackson & Me

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