Monday, April 27, 2009

Merlefest 2009 - Sunday

Sunday at Merlefest was hot and dry. The preliminary announced attendance for the week was above 70,000 and there were a couple of record setting days. Not bad for a deep economic decline. Merlefest seemed to be a worry-free zone for four days, which had to supply some renewal for people facing difficult times. I'll be writing a much more detailed assessment of the entire festival soon. Look for it on Wednesday or Thursday. For now, pictures of the last day will have to do. Before going to the pics, however, I want to give special thanks to Ken and Bobbie Glass and their staff at Dine-n-Dash at 1299 Collegiate Avenue on the access road to the Merlefest grounds. They serve fine breakfasts, lunches, and frozen yogurt specialities as well as fancy coffees. The best thing, for us, is that they have a very good internet connection and encourage customers to settle in and do their work. Enjoy the food, the hosts, and the internet!


Ken & Bobby Glass with Two of their Staff

Shaped Note Singing in the Traditional Tent
for Bob & Ann Cook

Janet & Greg Deering in the Expo Tent

Sierra Hull & Highway 111


Clay Hess and his Hayes Guitar

Cory Walker

Jim Van Cleve

Jacob Eller

Wayne C. Taylor (Wayne Taylor & Appaloosa)
Taking in the Scene

Pete Wernick on the Cabin Stage

Eric & Leigh Gibson Make Merlefest Debut
as Pete's Guests

Eric Gibson, Leigh Gibson, Pete Wernick & Buddy Green
on Cabin Stage
T. Michael Coleman, Jack Lawrence & Tony Williamson
at Americana Stage

Steve Barker & Dr. Tommy Bibey on Plaza Stage

The Greencards on the Hillside

Carol Young
Eamon McLaughlin
Kym Warner

Jake Stargell

The Gibson Brothers on Hillside

Eric & Leigh Gibson



Mike Barber

Clayton Campbell

Joe Walsh

Linda Ronstadt
Los Camperos de Nati Cano

Linda Ronstadt



  1. Wonderful pics, Ted; I almost feel as though we had been there, which eases the pain. Confession: this old would-be lawyer got misty eyed seeing Laura do the shape note gig. To go from there down to Creekside for Doc and the NBB was always THE highlight of the weekend.


  2. Doc's Health --- during the Doc-NBB set, Doc mentioned being very sick and on morphine(and nearing dying) sometime during the last year. Does anyone know the background on this?

  3. Nice pictures Ted! Thanks for sharing these. Wow, I wish was there!