Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dumplin' Valley Bluegrass Festival - Friday

Morning Jam at the Silos

The Quebe Sisters

The Quebe (pronounced Kway-be) sisters are a Texas swing band using triple fiddles. Their sound depends heavily on the historic sounds of Bob Wills & the Texas Plowboys as well as forties and fifties girl groups like the Andrews Sisters.  Some might ask what a band like this is doing at a bluegrass festival, but hundred came to see and stayed to cheer.  This is an exciting, energized band...attractive and highly musical. Furthermore, Texas Swing music, particularly that of Bob Wills has had a huge influence on the development of bluegrass, and many bands have at least a piece or two in their repertoire.  This band provides a breath of fresh air at any festival.
Hulda Quebe

 Grace Quebe
Sophia Quebe

Joe McKinsey

Drew Phelps

The Quebe Sisters - How High the Moon - Video

Joe Mullins & the Radio Ramblers

Joe Mullins & the Radio Ramblers have moved from being a popular regional band into a band with national appeal for their traditional music heavily loaded with gospel music. Joe Mullins is justly well known for his banjo play with Longview. The band is young and solid, providing strong support and very good individual efforts.

Joe Mullins
Tim Kidd

Adam MacIntosh

 Mike Terry
Evan McGregor

Joe Mullins & the Radio Ramblers - Heaven's Green Fields - Video

Jimbo Whaley & Greenbrier

Jimbo Whaley & Greenbrier is essentially a local band in a region loaded with high quality musicians.  Whaley is a talented singer/songwriter who knows how to pluck the emotional strings of his audience. His songs reflect his life and experience, often expressing resentment against authority as well as love of home and family.  His song "Kings of Orebank" could become a bluegrass classic.  The band is enjoyable; his wit and humor infectious.

Kipper Stitt
Roger Helton
Matt Leadbetter

Scott Cary

Jimbo Whaley - Uncle Sam Said Git - Video

Freddie Smith Takes a Rest on the Chicken's Back

Lou Reid & Carolina

Lou Reid's passionate tenor voice and thoughtful song selection combined with a strong personable band combine to create an engaging and highly enjoyable bluegrass experience. Mixing traditional material with some from his Seldom Scene gig, and other new songs from band mate Shannon Slaughter, Lou Reid and Carolina is solidly entertaining. Nominated for a number of IBMA awards this year, it appears the band is finally getting some of the recognition it has long deserved.
Lou Reid

Trevor Watson
Christy Reid

Shannon Slaughter

Lou Reid & Carolina - Come Back to Me - Video

Rhonda Vincent & the Rage
Rhonda Vincent

Personable, Attractive, Hard-Working, Fan-oriented, Ambitious, Caring, Multi-Talented, Mom, Mother-in-Law, Friendly....not much to add to the list of adjectives that can be applied to one of the most popular entertainers on the bluegrass circuit.  Just returned from a nineteen day tour of Europe where, she tells me, Rhonda took 11,000 photographs, she's taken no time to rest as she continues her long running tour.  There was lots of fun on Friday night as fans and friends laughed along with Rhonda during her performance. Always a good time.
Hunter Berry & Mickey Harris
Hunter Berry & Rhonda Vincent
Aaron McDaris
Ben Helsen
Rhonda Vincent & the Rage - 'Til They Come Home - Video



  1. The place to be yesterday for sure. Glad I will see some of these folks at IBMA

  2. Thanks, Pam. Welcome to my editorial board.

  3. As always, a good review that makes me want to attend next year. Also you captured the essence of Freddy Smith (with a y). After listening to him many mornings on WDVX I was convinced he was part chicken. Now I know for sure.