Thursday, September 29, 2011

IBMA's World of Bluegrass - Brief Update

Attending IBMA's World of Bluegrass presents a huge challenge to Irene and me.  We try our best to cover the highlights of the meetings, the showcases, the speeches, as well as providing a sense of the vibe at this enormously stimulating event.  We start early in the morning, usually arriving at the Convention Center as shortly after 9:00 AM as we can. After Hours Showcases are scheduled to last some time after 1:30 AM.  This demanding schedule requires us to make a choice about whether to write and post photos now, or be full participants as well as active observers of the event.  Our choice has been to get as much from and put as much into World of Bluegrass as we can. Thus, little from this blog until we get a chance to reflect, consider, and absorb all that's gone on here.  The sold out Awards Show is tonight. It should be a blockbuster. IBMA's Fan Fest begins tomorrow morning. If you're within driving distance of Nashville, you won't get a better opportunity to see more top bands than at this event, as well as to attend meetings and seminars and enjoy the Exhibits. Come on out if you can.

Chris Pandolfi's Keynote Address on Tuesday - Video

Chris Pandolfi IBMA Keynote 2011 from Chris Pandolfi on Vimeo.

Craig Havighurst Interviews 
Ben Kaufmann & Dave Johnston of 
Yonder Mountain String Band
 The Gibson Brothers - Live 
on WAMU's Bluegrass

Audience for Gibson Brothers Radio Show

Newly Energized Blue Moon Rising
at Official Showcase

Gig Fair

Larry Cordle at His Best
After Hours Showcase
WSM's Eddie Stubbs Interviews
Darin & Brooke Aldridge 
Live from World of Bluegrass

In the end, IBMA is about ideas: ideas about how to build your band's visibility, ideas about how to develop your career, ideas about what's on the horizons, ideas about how the future of bluegrass will always depend upon its past, ideas about what bands would be good ones to book before they become too expensive. It's one of the most stimulating and nurturing environments I've ever encountered.  Meanwhile, the IBMA Board has gone to exceptional lengths in one year to make it easier for a person to attend without breaking the bank. Last evening, as we headed home to bed after attending an after hours showcase where Johnny & Jeanette Williams, Ronnie Bowman, Larry Cordle and others helped Jody King kick off a new band and a new luthier business, the halls were crowded and music was everywhere. More ideas.....

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