Monday, December 17, 2012

Photo Retrospective 2012 - Part 3

Jenny Brook Bluegrass Festival
Tunbridge Fairgrounds, Tunbridge, VT

Jenny Brook has emerged, since its move to the beautiful World's Fairgrounds in scenic, rural Vermont, as one of the finest bluegrass festivals in New England, boasting a distinguished national lineup as well as first rate regional bands from New England, thoughtfully designed workshops, an ongoing gazebo stage giving pickup and local bands an opportunity to compete for a lineup slot, and round-the-clock jamming. Since this is a retrospective look at the last year, I won't write about the 2013 edition, but it's gooooood!

Smokey Greene - NY, NE & Florida Legend

Jesse Brock (Beartracks, Audie Blaylock)

Julie Hogan (Beartracks)

Darrell Webb

Jenny Brook is Definitely Family Friendly

Blogger Photographs Dancer Andrea Norcross

Candi Sawyer & the late Lonnie Mathews (her Dad)

Lonnie Insisted on Coming to Jenny Brook
He died about a week later.

Patrick McAvinue (Audie Blaylock & Redline)

Smokey Greene

Mac Magee (White Mountain Bluegrass)

Hazel Magee

Randy Graham & Matt Wallace (Continental Divide)

Gibson Brothers Super-Fans
Shari Colvin-Daigenault & Betty Colvin 

Mike Barber (Gibson Brothers)

Leigh Gibson

The Gibson Family

David Staples, Shannon Gibson, Katy Daley, Maureen Staples

Rob Ravlin (White Mountain Bluegrass)

Chris Sexton (Nothin' Fancy)

Mike Andes & Tony Shorter (Nothin' Fancy)

 Evan Carl - Emcee

J.D. Crowe

Leroy Troy

Junior Sisk & Jason Davis

 Eric Gibson

Lonnie Mathews with his beloved 1939 Ford
Mafia Jug Band 

Chris Davis & Billy Hawks (Junior Sisk & Rambler's Choice)

Michelle Canning

Rhonda Vincent

Junior Sisk

Musicians Against Childhood Cancer
Columbus, OH

We always look forward to our trip to Columbus, OH in late July for Musicians Against Childhood Cancer, a benefit for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. During the four day festival, there are usually forty performances of top national bands and special performances by aggregations made possible by the presence of so many musicians in one place. It's a great event. One not to be missed, made better by the cause it raises money for. 

Aubrey Haynie

Jason Burleson (Blue Highway)

Adam Haynes (Grasstowne)

Alan Bibey (Grasstowne)

Steve Dilling (IIIrd Tyme Out)
with Adoring Fans 

Jamie Dailey (Dailey & Vincent)

Jesse Baker & Jeff Parker (Dailey & Vincent)

Michael Cleveland

Don Rigsby

Blogger at Work

Dale Ann Bradley

 Steve Gulley

Marty Raybon

Terry Smith - The Grascals

Wayne Benson & Danny Roberts (The Grascals)

Kristin Scott Benson & Steve Dilling

Brooke Aldridge

Cory Walker

Amanda Smith

Larry Sparks

Jim Hurst

Don Parmley

 Richard Bailey (The SteelDrivers)

Gary Nichols (The SteelDrivers)

Tammy Rogers (The SteelDrivers)

Doyle Lawson

Lauren & Leanna Price

Members of the MACC Children's Band

Clay Hess

Mark Newton

Josh Crowe (The Crowe Brothers)

Wayne Crowe (The Crowe Brothers)

 Chris Davis (Junior Sisk & Rambler's Choice)

Susan Sisk

 Larry Cordle

Irl Heed

Jerry Salley

Val Story & Carl Jackson

Justin Pyrtle (Grasstowne)

James King

Joe Mullins

Larry Stephenson & Kenny Ingram

Russell Moore

Val Storey

 Podunk - Norwich, CT

Two or three years ago, after years of hard work in a difficult environment, Podunk Bluegrass Music Festival had become a truly wonderful event, using its venue and even the city in which it was located to best advantage. Then, because of naked political malice, it was forced to move. Under the leadership of promoter Roger Moss, it relocated to a minor league ball park in Norwich, CT and experienced a major down year that was an artistic success, despite the small audience. The mixture of nostalgia, currency, balance, and innovation at Podunk exceeds any festival we attend. It doesn't deserve the hardships it's endured in the past couple of years. We look forward to attending it and supporting it again this coming August.

Randy Jones (Lonesome River Band)

Eddie Adcock

Dawn Kenney

Chad Graves (The Hillbenders)

Jimmy Rea (The Hillbenders)

Brandon Godman (Dale Ann Bradley)

Mike Sumner (Dale Ann Bradley)

 Kim Cyr & Barry Ford

Travers Chandler

Alan Spinney

Katie Penn Williams

Bobby Lundy

Greg Cahill

Jamie Johnson (The Grascals)

The Grascals

 Kathy Mattea

Kathy Mattea

Fellowship in Left Field

More Coming....

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