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Big Lick Bluegrass Festival - Oakboro, NC: April 7 - 10, 2016 - Preview

The Big Lick Bluegrass Festival opens the North Carolina outdoor season in Oakboro, NC on April 7 - 9, 2016. This is a small, friendly festival featuring a good variety of national, excellent regional, and local bands plus an interesting open mic session on Thursday evening. If you have a band which would like to make an appearance at the Open Mic, call promoter Jeff Branch for more information at the number below. Check out the festival's web site for more information or call Jeff.

Wood Family Tradition

The Wood Family Tradition apparently comes from around the Statesville area in central North Carolina. The band is descended from Al Wood and the Smoky Ridge Boys. Chris Bryant, formerly banjo player with Darin & Brooke Aldridge has joined the band on banjo. 

Bethel University Renaisance BG Band

The Renaissance program at Bethel University in McKenzie, TN provides students with a wide variety of high level experiences in the arts without requiring them to be in an arts major, making it possible for students to major in liberal arts or pre-professional areas while participating at a high level in arts programs. The bluegrass band, seen here, represents only a small part of the larger Renaissance program. The band seen in this picture will have all graduated, but the upcoming band will be entetaining as they represent their college and program. This will be their fourth consecutive year performing at Big Lick. 

Spinney Brothers
Allan Spinney

The Spinney Brothers are honest and entertaining pickers of bluegrass and classic country tunes. They select their material carefully and radiate good will and appreciation. They tour hard below the border as well as being widely known in their native Canada, where they have received a number of national awards. They have also been nominated for several IBMA awards. 

Rick Spinney

Steve Dilling & Sideline

Sideline has become a national phenomenon! Started as a side project to fill winter hours by four busy bluegrass pickers, Sideline has established itself as the most exciting cover band playing first and early second generation material around. Steve Dilling, on the mend from some health problems remains the best band emcee in the business. Young Nathan Aldridge is terrific on fiddle as he comes into his own. People will be talking about Aldridge style before it's all over. Jason Moore, Brian Aldridge and Skip Cherryholmes fill out this fine band. 

Joe Mullins & the Radio Ramblers

Joe Mullins brings his radio voice and his fine Scruggs style banjo play to a band he has built from the ground up, with each change in recent years improving it. When Jason Barrie joined the band, he provided the cement that molded it all together. Mike Terry, solid on mandolin and harmony vocals is the only other remaining original member of this very good band.

Jason Barrie & Joe Mullins

Balsam Range
Buddy Melton 

Balsam Range, IBMA Entertainer of the Year in 2014, Male Vocalist (Buddy Melton in 2014), Song of the Year twice has had a remarkable career for a band that just seemed to appear about seven or eight years ago. But their quick rise to prominence belies the deep well of experience that all  members had before they came together. One of the elements that makes them interesting is that they all come to this very interesting and entertaining group from different perspectives, leading the band to choose and create a unique, synthesized sound relying on traditional bluegrass, southern gospel, rock and roll, country and more. Don't miss this band whenever you get chance to hear them.

Marc Pruett

The Malpass Brothers (90 Minute Show)

The Malpass Brothers, Tayler and Christopher, have found a home at bluegrass festivals providing the music many fans attend bluegrass festivals for but can't hear any more live or on recording, classic country and rockabilly. By singing the work of many of the country greats of the fifties and sixties, they offer a welcome change of pace at traditional and not-so-traditional bluegrass festivals. Johnny Ridge, the powerhouse traditional bluegrass fiddler is every bit as effective bringing his driving fiddle to this enjoyable young pair of brothers. 

Johnny Ridge

Jeff Branch has assembled an increasingly varied and interesting lineup since we began attending this growing festival. 

Promoter - Jeff Branch

The Details

Early Bird Three Day Tickets unitl April 1, 2016:    $50.00
Three Day Adult Ticket after April 1, 2016               $73.00

Day Tickets: Open Mic on Thursday -                       $5.00/3.00/Free
                      Friday                                                    $28.00/10.00/Free
                      Saturday                                                $33/00/10.00/Free

For Further Information on Tickets and Camping: Call Jeff Branch at 704.985.6987

How to Get to Big Lick
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This early Spring bluegrass festival is an excellent way to start off the outdoor season in North Carolina. It's small, unpretentious, and fun, with a friendly crowd, good vendors, lots of jamming, and good vendors. Can you beat that after a long hard winter?


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