Sunday, June 12, 2016

Store Gone - Please Support Blog!

I've taken down the Amazon Store from my blog, having decided it interfered with reader's getting to what they came for, the content. However, if you wish to support the blog financially, you can do so by going to the Amazon portal on the left and using it as your entry to Amazon. Every time you go through my portal, all purchases made on that visit will be credited to my account and I earn a small commission without your incurring any additional costs. It's a win/win situation.

The other way you can contribute is to click the internal links to books, CD's, movies, that I write about. These are all direct links to the specific product I've written about and automatically add the commission to my account.

Finally, adds on the sides are placed there by Google Ad-Sense. They usually respond to your use of Google, so they may be of some interest to you. If you click on the ad, I get credit. If you actually buy based on having arrived at a site from my site, I credit more.

Since we incur significant travel, bandwidth, and entertainment costs to provide this blog and my YouTube channel, your support is meaningful to us. No individual book purchase or click on an ad is very meaningful, but, in the end, they all add up.  No Depression actually pays me to write my column there, so your reading of my column is also welcome.

Thanks for all your support. When you see us at a festival, concert, or other event, please say hello. I look forward to seeing you and, always, to your comments. - Ted (and Irene)

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