Friday, February 8, 2008

Palatka BGF - Thursday - Pics

Thursday at Palatka kicked off this weekend of headliners with fine performances from everyone. I want to write at greater length about the festival, the bands, the crowd, and the scene here, but I haven’t time enough or Internet access enough to do the festival justice. Instead, I’ll post a few selected pictures and wait until early next week to write a more thoughtful piece. Suffice it to say that the Dailey-Vincent Band’s performance was filled with fine singing, good humor, and genuine expression of deep faith. They are certainly one of the two hottest new bands on the circuit. Nevertheless, Blue Highway takes the honor for being the best band we saw on Thursday. Their tight singing, fine songs written by band members, and tasteful humor carried the day for us. The festival itself is showing some growing pains, but promoters Norman Adams and Tony Anderson, along with the fine people from the Rodeheaver Boys Ranch are striving hard to find workable solutions.

Tim Stafford (Blue Highway)

Wayne Taylor (Blue Highway)

Rob Ickes (Blue Highway)

Jamie Dailey (Dailey-Vincent)

Darrin Vincent (Dailey - Vincent)

Jamie Dailey and Darrin Vincent

Gene Daniel (Master Soundman)

Gary Waldrep

Mindy Rakestraw (Gary Waldrep Band)

Terry Eldridge (The Grascals)

James King (James King Band)

Paul Williams (Paul Williams & The Victory Trio)
Sorry to only provide a teaser here, but we'll be down in the Everglades by Sunday afternoon, and I should be able to post a much more comprehensive account of the event and many more pictures then. Meanwhile, look for pictures of Friday's events on Saturday morning.

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