Thursday, July 23, 2009

The MACC - First Day - Wednesday

The day dawned overcast and the weather continued to deteriorate all day. From time to time the sky would brighten, as one would hope, and then the rain would come again. The sound crew was constantly busy dumping puddles from the cover on the stage. As day turned to evening, the rain increased in intensity until it became a downpour. Finally, after Rhonda Vincent was forced to leave the stage early, the final band, Mountain Heart, was canceled. Despite the rain, there was a large day crowd, the audience was enthusiastic, and the music was superb. Band after band came to the stage and provided their very best. The wonderful sound system and the very professional crew which makes the music come to life continued to make sure the sound was clear, vocals were always understandable, and the instrumentals just right.

While mostly I'll just post pictures during the next three days, today's unique treat was Dale Ann Bradley's set featuring a group of her friends, who have chosen to call themselves "Pony's Camper." They offered superb harmonies featuring Dale Ann, Steve Gulley, and Kim Fox, along with wonderful instrumentals highlighted by Deanie Richardson on fiddle. Joel Fox on banjo and Jim Reed on Mandolin contributed mightily. While this is a pickup group, the world of bluegrass music would be richer if they would continue to perform together. It's difficult to focus on individual groups with an all-star lineup, but a great feature of The MACC is Darrel Adkins' ability to put together unusual groupings of musicians, which he calls "Classic Performances." This group was billed as such, and lived up to the name in every way.

Lyn Butler Prepares Staff Breakfast

Let's Move Aaron Ramsey's Tent

The Sound Crew

How to Enjoy a Rainy Day

Rainy Day, Sunny Attitude
Nina Reilly

Robert Hale & Wildfire

Robert Hale

Matt DeSpain

Curt Chapman

Steve Thomas

Johnny Lewis

James King Band

James King

Kevin Prater

Chris Hill

Greg Moore

Glenn Inman

James & daughter Shelby
Lost & Found - Alan Mills

Scotty Sparks

Ronald Smith

Scott Napier


At the Ticket Booth

The Larry Stephenson Band

Larry Stephenson

Kenny Ingram

Kyle Perry

Kevin Richardson

Josh Greene

Tom Riggs (President: Pinecastle Records) and Larry Stephenson
Present $2000 Donation
Darrel Adkins for MACC

Dale Ann Bradley & Pony's Camper

Dale Ann Bradley

Steve Gulley

Kim Fox

Deanie Richardson

Joel Fox

Jim Reed

Kim and Deanie Study Playlist

Dale Ann

Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out

Russell Moore

Steve Dilling

Wayne Benson

Justin Haynes

Edgar Loudermilk


Rhonda Vincent & the Rage

Hunter Berry

Mickey Harris

Aaron McDaris

Ben Helson

Unfortunately, the final band, Mountain Heart was washed out. The weather, however, shows signs of continuing to improve during the next three days. If you can't be here, come back for more each day.

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