Saturday, July 25, 2009

MACC - Third Day

Friday at The MACC was one of those perfect days for a bluegrass festival. It dawned warm and clear, stayed sunny without getting to hot, and cooled just enough for a pleasant Friday evening of great music. Great bands followed after each other with only a short break. The crowd was large and friendly. The volunteer staff here at MACC continues to help the Adkins family create a fan and family friendly environment that works for the musicians, the fans, and, most important, as a vehicle for raising money for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. Even if you can't attend the festival, you can make a donation through MACC by sending checks to Darrel Adkins at

Musicians Against Childhood Cancer®
1434 S. 3B's & K Rd.
Galena, OH 43021

Let's look at some pictures of Friday's event:

Pine Mountain Railroad

Cody Shuler

Jerry Cole

Bill McBee

Matt Flake
Seth Taylor

Tod Samms Auction Guitar
played by Jerry Cole

Volunteer Breakfast

Kenny & Amanda Smith Band

Amanda Smith

Aaron Williams

Adam Seale
Amanda & Kenny

Phyllis Adkins Checks our a Picture

Stage Maintenance

Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice
Junior Sisk

Tim Massey

Billy Hawks

Darrell Wilkerson

Jason Tomlinson
Tim & Junior

Josh Williams Band
Josh Williams

Randy Barnes

Jason McKendry

Chase Johner

John Tewell - Emcee

Songwriter's Confab
Paula & John Breedlove with Brink Brinkman

Steep Canyon Rangers
Graham Sharpe, Mike Guginno, Woody Platt

Nicky Sanders

Charles Humphrey III

Mike Guggino

Graham Sharpe

Woody Platt

J.D. Crowe & the New South

J.D. Crowe

Ricky Wasson

Dwight McCall

John Bowman

Billy Hawks

Jordan Laney & Aaron Ramsey

Danny Paisley & Southern Grass

Danny Paisley

Bobby Lundy

Michael Paisley

Ryan Paisley - The Third Generation

Travers Chandler
Billy Hawks...Again

Danny Paisley

The Grascals

Jamie Johnson

Terry Eldredge

Terry Smith

Danny Roberts

Jeremy Abshire

Kristin Scott Benson
Danny Roberts & Kyle Bamer (8)

Presentation of Two Takamini Guitars
St. Judes Childrens Research Hospital Music Room

Lonesome River Band

Sammy Shelor

Brandon Rickman

Mike Hartgrove

Mike Anglin

Andy Ball

MACC Children's Band Preview

The Steeldrivers

Chris Stapleton

Tami Rogers

Richard Bailey

Brent Truitt

Tami Rogers, Mike Fleming, Chris Stapleton


  1. Nice pictures, Ted, of what must have been an amazing day of bluegrass music...what a great lineup!

  2. Ted
    Great Pics however would have loved to hear some of your thoughts as in the past on what you thought of the performances.

  3. I remembered reading this article on the Grascals and your opinion on the dynamics of the new fiddle player not measuring to the standards of Jimmy Mattingly. I just saw the Grascals at the M.A.C.C. yesterday and couldnt believe how talented this young man was! I witnessed a crowd that was quite impressed with his outstanding tone,creativity and obvious talent as I do believe together they created an atmosphere that brought the crowd to their feet. What a performance by all! Hopefully you were able to see this performance as you did in Palatka.

  4. Performances: I've said that there are so many top bands at MACC that I prefer not to say anything about individual bands. Suffice it to say, it was one of the best groups of bands I've ever seen. I'll have more extensive comments on the special events Darrel Adkins put together, probably tomorrow or Wednesday.

    I don't remember writing a slighting comment about Jeremy Abshire when he first joined the Grascals, I probably said he had pretty big shoes to grow into. Well...he's certainly done that. He consistently plays a hot fiddle in a hot band. Terrific stuff!