Monday, August 3, 2009

Randy Kohrs' Instruments Recovered

Randy Kohrs with Recovered Resonator Guitar

In a phone call this evening I was told that all the instruments and nearly all the equipment stolen from Randy Kohr's van in the parking lot of the Sleep Inn in Columbus, OH a week ago Sunday morning have been recovered. According to the person who called me, a man pawned the stolen Martin guitar for $100 and indicated he would return with more instruments. When he came back with the two stolen resonator guitars, he was apprehended, a warrant issued, and the remaining instruments recovered at the thief's home. My informant told me the motive was getting money in order to purchase crack cocaine. This means a nasty and unpleasant story has come to a happy end.
MORE: Randy has written to tell me, "It hasn't been returned just yet. The Columbus DA may make us wait quite a while to get our stuff since it is all evidence." Nevertheless, this is all good news.

Ashley Brown

Randy Kohrs


  1. What great news, Ted. I'm happy for Randy and the band. They must be smiling a lot tonight. Very cool.

  2. That is awesome. Great news for great people.

  3. It is good news that he found out who stole them, and i hope he can get them all back soon. Iknow how i'd feel if somebody swiped my old but good Goldstar archtop five string!
    I'll bet they either install pad-locks on the doors, or have burglar alarms put in the van!

  4. Great news for the band..But, does anyone know if the guy was able to get his crack?

  5. Definitely great news for Randy Kohrs and his band. I got to meet him at last years MACC festival where he came to our Bluegrass Mix
    ( table and spent some time with us. He's a very personable young man with a strong commitment to music.
    We are VERY happy this turned out like it did.