Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Musicians Against Childhood Cancer - 2011 - Tuesday

Bluegrass festivals each have their own vibe, a sensibility that pervades the event giving it a unique flavor and atmosphere.  At the MACC (Musicians Against Childhood Cancer) the cause prevails, giving purpose to all the assembly of people who will come for their own reasons and always be touched in some fashion by the need to defeat childhood cancer and to support St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in memory of Mandy Adkins, the late daughter of promoters Darrel and Phyllis Adkins, who died eleven years ago of a brain stem tumor.  While  focusing on the cause, the event is never morbid. Rather, it's a joyful Celebration of Life filled with friendship, good fellowship, and warmth.  While this is only our fourth year at MACC, we feel like we're a part of something important as we greet friends we've only known for, actually, a few days total, but who make us feel like a part of the family.  Here's a photo impression of some of the activity on Tuesday as finishing touches are put on the event, people continue to arrive to set up camp, jamming begins, and anticipation reigns.  The music starts at 1:00 PM on Wednesday and continues through four joyful days.

The Staff Has Been Preparing for 
Four Days
The Stage is Ready
Darrel Adkins - In Charge of it All
Staff Supper
New Speaker Array - New Sound Company
The New Misting Tent Will Be Very Welcome
Vendors are Set Up and Ready to Go

 Campers Have Been Arriving Since Sunday

 Welcome to the New Porta-Jons

Jamming Has Begun

Gonna Have a Big Time

Let's Get Together at the MACC

New Shower Facilities

Family Time

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