Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Musicians Against Childhood Cancer - 2011 - Saturday

As Saturday at The MACC began, everyone knew it would be another hot day, but they began arriving early primed for a day of rising excitement the last day of this festival always provides.  From the opening performance of the MACC Children's Band to the evening's always eagerly anticipated MACC Opry and the closing of the show by The Steel Drivers. As people came in the gate or headed to the stage area from their campers, everyone knew it was going to be a wonderful day.

The MACC Children's Band
The March of the Children

Each year one of the highlights of The MACC for many people is the appearance of the MACC Children's Band.  Some of the kids in this band, who have been practicing together since Thursday, will be seen in professional bands in the future.  More important, however, is the opportunity for these young people to make music together for a few days and learn to treasure the joys bluegrass music has to offer through making music together for fun.  Because I have room for only a few pictures here, the link below will take those interested to a Picasa Web Album containing pictures of all the participants.  Please help yourself to the ones you want.

MACC 2011 - MACC Children's Band

Meanwhile...Here's a Sample

Darin & Brooke Aldridge

The Darin & Brooke Aldridge Band have risen rapidly into the realms of bluegrass elite during the past eighteen months.  The warmth of their relationship, the positive nature of their musical message, the tightness of their performance, and the quality of their song choices continue to provide the kind of music people wish to hear.  From the opening act until the MACC Opry the young couple were much in evidence during the day.

Darin Aldridge

 Brooke Aldridge

Rachel Renee Johnson

Chris Bryant

Dwayne Anderson
The Trio - Darin, Rachel, and Brooke

Darin & Brooke Aldridge - Corn - Video

Lost and Found

MACC participants are carefully chosen to represent both the up-and-coming and the tried-and-true members of the bluegrass community.  Alan Mills has led Lost and Found since 1978 making music recognizable to all bluegrass fans.  With its current configuration, the band continues with its resonant, low-key sound that fans have come to know and love.

Alan Mills

Scott Napier

Scotty Sparks

Ronald Smith

Joe Mullins & the Radio Ramblers

Joe Mullins spend much of the past couple of decades developing his family business in radio, performing on-air, and with his band locally.  He was also in demand as banjo player for the super-band Longview.  In the past few years he has returned to touring with The Radio Ramblers, which have risen into contention for IBMA emerging band of the year for 2010 with their traditional mixture of bluegrass standards and gospel music.  The band is tight and enjoyable.

Adam McIntosh
Evan McGregor
Mike Terry

Tim Kidd

At the Merch Table

Ronnie Bowman

While Ronnie Bowman has been a huge success as a song writer in country music in recent years, he performed early and with distinction in bluegrass bands from early in his career.  He was named IBMA Male Vocalist of the Year in the nineteen nineties as well as either artist, performer, or both on two songs of the year. While he isn't a frequent performer these days, devoting most of his energies to writing, he's always a big draw wherever he chooses to appear.

Ronnie Bowman

Garnet Imes Bowman

Greg Martin

Chris Harris
Jody King

Ronnie Bowman - Ain't We Livin' the Life - Video

Larry Cordle & Lonesome Standard Time

Larry Cordle remains one of the premier singer/songwriters in bluegrass music.  His story songs are heart-warming and wonderfully crafted.  "Murder on Music Row" is an iconic lament for the  loss of classic country music to the business and commercial interests of Music City.  While many of his songs have become increasingly politicized in recent years, his song writing is so strong the appeal goes beyond the lyrics some might find objectionable.  Cord's songs have been included in country and bluegrass projects that have notched up over 55 million sales.

Kim Gardner
Josh Pickett
Chris Hill

 James Doneszecz

Jody King

Larry Cordle & Lonesome Standard Time
Workin' at the End of a Hoe - Video

Cricket Larson & Carl Jackson

Mighty Haggard
Sadly, Mighty Haggard doesn't exist except in this performance put together by Darrel Adkins for The MACC.  Featuing a group of bluegrass luminaries who don't ordinarily play together, the band nevertheless offered plenty of excitement.  Wyatt Rice, who doesn't perform often, played some wonderful flat picking guitar. Andy Ball, formerly of the Lonesome River Band, offered what may be his last bluegrass performance for some time as he moves to Edmonton, Alberta Canada to work on his Ph.D. in philosophy.  The rest of this fine band will be seen performing frequently, but not likely in this configuration.  Good show!

Junior Sisk

Wyatt Rice

Randy Barnes
Joe Mullins

Andy Ball
Michael Cleveland

 Mighty Haggard - Monroe - Video

  Fred Ricart

Blue Highway

Blue Highway has had a storied career, showing remarkable stability over its fifteen years and many recordings. Without a doubt, it's one of the finest and most entertaining bands in bluegrass music.  The band's songs and sound are highly recognizable and greatly appreciated.  This band simply can't be beaten for quality, style, and taste.

Rob Ickes

Shawn Lane

 Jason Burleson
Wayne Taylor

Darin Aldridge sub for Tim Stafford

Blue Highway - Tears Fell on Missouri - Video

Val Story

The MACC Opry

The MACC Opry is always one of the most anticipated events of Musicians Against Childhood Cancer. Taking place on Saturday night and usually hosted by Carl Jackson, Jerry Salley, and Larry Cordle, the show brings bluegrass performers from a variety of bands to the stage to strut their stuff.  Below is a selection of the performers and a video featuring the trio of Brooke Aldridge, Val Story, and Garnet Imes Bowman singing "Those Memories of You." This year the show featured a theme of "Murder on Music Row" emceed by Jerry Salley and presenting some of the great classic songs from the rich past of country music.

Darin Aldridge
Darrel Adkins & Val Story

Carl Jackson

 Jerry Salley

Carl Jackson
Bradley Walker

Michael Cleveland
Larry Cordle
Alan Mills

Jerry Salley

 Brooke, Val, & Garnet

The MACC Opry Trio - Those Memories of You Video

The Steel Drivers
The Steel Drivers have brought a bluesy, R&B, roots sound to bluegrass music that has attracted a new, younger audience while still be clearly in the bluegrass realm. New singer Gary Nichols has a distinctive and clear voice which allows a listener to understand his lyrics.  The rest of the band remains the same solid group that hit the bluegrass trail a few years ago to great acclaim.

Richard Bailey

Mike Henderson

Tammy Rodgers
Gary Nichols
 Mike Fleming

We went home, tired and happy, knowing that we'd had an exceptional musical and human experience during our five days at Hoover-Y Park and already looking forward to next year.


  1. Thanks Ted, for a great visual of the MACC. Since we missed it this year, I especially enjoyed "seeing" it through your eyes. Love Jason Burleson's facial hair. Looks good. And what's up with the crazy Jerry Sally??? He is so cute even looking sort of wacky with the hat . Nina

  2. I think Darrel needs to contact Jack Nicklaus to find out how to break the curse of the hottest week in the summer. When a thunderstorm even goes around you then you know you're dealing with some powerful stuff.

  3. "While many of his songs have become increasingly politicized in recent years". This quote about Larry Cordle and his songwriting seems a bit odd. Care to elaborate on what is "offensive"? I sure haven't heard anything offensive.

  4. Shannon - My opinions are mine and this is my blog. I'll be happy to discuss your objections to what I write on or off line, but I will no longer approve any comments from you until you're willing to put your name behind your statements. - Ted

  5. So glad to see you and Irene at the MACC again despite the tropical heat. We are looking forward to next year and praying for cooler weather for the show.

  6. Great pictures as usual Ted. Nice seeing you and Irene at the festival. It was hot; we came, we worked, we listened, we ate, we felt good in our hearts for the worthy cause. Thanks for the picture reminders ! Loren, Gwen, and Tracy Shirk

  7. Gwen, Lauren & Tracey - It always feels like a family reunion to us when we come to The MACC. We both feel honored to have be so welcomed into the tight knit family those of you who've been with Darrel for so long constitute. As soon as we leave to head home on Sunday morning we start looking forward to next year. See you then.