Sunday, August 31, 2008

Phestival Photo Pheast - Part II

Here's the second part of my Phestival Photo Pheast, a collection of pictures taken at bluegrass festivals during the summer of 2008. I've included lots of the individuals who are nominated in one way or another for IBMA awards or who were involved in first rate performances during our summer of bluegrass festivals. I'm still looking for requests, so if you have any, post them here or on the forums. - Ted

Rob Ickes of Blue Highway (MACC)

Chris West of Blue Moon Rising (Podunk)

Matt Menafee of Cadillac Sky (Otis Mtn.)

Claire Lynch (Podunk)

Jaime Dailey (Podunk)

Dale Ann Bradley (Podunk)

Ron Stewart of Dan Tyminski (Jenny Brook)

Justin Moses of Dan Tyminski (Jenny Brook)

Banjo Spectacular
Bill Keith, Mark Johnson, Alan Munde, Ron Block, Tony Trischka, Ned Luberecki

Bo McCarty & Sammy Shelor (MACC)

J.D. Crowe backstage at MACC

Eric and Leigh Gibson (Jenny Brook)

The Grascals (MACC)

Jason Davis of Grasstowne (MACC)

Kym Warner of The Greencards (Otis Mtn.)

Steve Dilling of IIIrd Tyme Out (MACC)

Travis Book of the Infamous Stringdusters (Podunk)

The Infamous Stringdusters workshop at Podunk

Rickey Wasson w/J.D. Crowe (MACC)

Jackson, Cordle, and Salley (Podunk)
Kristen Scott Benson of Larry Stephenson (MACC)
Brandon Rickman of LRB (Podunk)
changing string on the fly

Don Rigsby & Michael Cleveland of Longview (MACC)

Sammy Shelor & Russell Moore (MACC)

Peter Rowan (Podunk)
That's it for today. I'll post another set in a couple of days. Meanwhile, please send me any requests for pictures I might have of your favorites, either as a comment on the blog or at any of the forums where I post.

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