Wednesday, October 1, 2008

IBMA 2008 - Live - Tuesday

Tuesday was a great day for meeting people, hearing music, attending sessions, and seeing old friends. Here's a sampler of the pictures I took with no commentary. More tomorrow.

Andrea Roberts - Booking Agent

Crowd for Dale Ann Bradley and Louisa Branscomb Showcase

Dale Ann Bradley, Louisa Branscomb, Tim Laughlin

Sierra Hull & Cia Cherryholmws
Tony Williamson & Two Loars at Elderly Instruments
Andy Falco and Eric Gibson

Janet Deering

Ned Luberecki, Janet Deering, & Jens Kruger

Donna Ulisse

Junior Sisk

Becky Buller & Valerie Smith

Ned Luberecki & Chris Pandolfi

Brooke Justice

Darin Aldridge

Meetin' & Greetin'

Kyle Cantrell & Your Faithful Blogger


  1. Hello, Ted
    Thanks for the great updates on IBMA week. I think your blog is great and look forward to reading it. You straight forward and honest comments are a joy to read.
    Keep up the great work.
    Jim Hebert-NH

  2. Ted,

    Save me a seat brother, somehow I am gonna find you this time.

    Dr. B