Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Holiday Special 2010 - Summer

Continuing the retrospective view of 2010's bluegrass festivals, here are pictures from the Jenny Brook Family Bluegrass Festival and the first two days of Musicians Against Childhood Cancer.  I've chosen pictures because I like them.  Some have been previously posted in this blog, others are new.  The previously posted ones leaped out at me as I scanned the archives, so rather than look for inferior ones, I've taken the liberty of repeating myself.  I hope you enjoy these.

Jenny Brook - Late June
Setting Up the Stage

Jenny Brook is genuinely a family festival, run by a family and very family friendly.  Now moved to the wonderful Tunbridge World's Fair Grounds in Tunbridge, VT, Jenny Brook will be held from June 23 - 26, 2011.  Through hard work and thoughtful programming, Jenny Brook has risen to among the top four New England bluegrass festivals.

Smokey Green

 Leroy Troy

 Candi Sawyer - Promoter

Mack & Herman Magee
Dudley Connell

 Lou Reid
Ben Eldridge

Don Rigsby

 Bo Isaac

Alan Bibey

Adam Haynes
Joe Walsh
Mike Barber

Alan Bibey, Justin Jenkins, Steve Gulley

 Audie Blaylock & Redline

 Clayton Campbell
Eric Gibson
Joe Walsh

 Leigh Gibson

Bruce Stockwell
April  Hobart
Kelly Stockwell

Musicians Against Childhood Cancer - Columbus, OH
Wednesday - Thursday
MACC is one of the most important and enjoyable festivals in the country.  Held each year in the Hoover-Y Park, the next one will be July 20 - 23, 2011.  See you there.

Terry Eldredge and Kristin Scott Benson
Terry Eldredge

Kristin Scott Benson

Russell Moore

 Russell Moore
Wayne Benson

 Sierra Hull
Clay Hess
Tom Adams

 Leigh Gibson

J.D. Crowe
David McLaughlin

Mike Cleveland
Mike Andes
Chris Sexton
Alan Mills

Randy Graham
David Parmley
Rhonda Vincent

Rhonda Vincent

More coming.  Probably later in the week.

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