Monday, December 20, 2010

More Photos for the Holidays - 2010 Spring

Tomorrow is the shortest day of the year.  Throughout most of the country bluegrass events have wound down for Christmas and New Years as we concentrate on home, family, and staying warm.  I like to go through the archives to pick out pictures to remind you of your favorite people and bands as well as to introduce you to some you may not know.  Today's pictures all come from the festival at Strawberry Park in Preston, CT, which usually falls on the first weekend in June.  As I journeyed through the archives, I found a number of pictures never previously posted, but couldn't resist using some that had been up before, as I was drawn so strongly to them.  I hope you enjoy these.  All pictures are presented in chronological order.

Junior Sisk

Amy Gallatin
Roger Williams (Amy Gallatin & Stillwaters)
Joshua Britt (The Farewell Drifters)

 Jason Davis (Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice)

Timmy Massey & Junior Sisk

 Darrell Webb
Jamie Dailey

 Darin Vincent

Christian Davis, Darin Vincent & Jamie Dailey
Heading for Lunch in Our Truck

 Eric & Leigh Gibson

Mike Barber (The Gibson Brothers)
Conducting a Workshop
Eric Gibson at Workshop
Jamie Dailey

Peter Rowan

 Peter Rowan
Joe Walsh (The Gibson Brothers)

Irene in our Trailer
Kim Warner & Dr. Tom Bibey
author - The Mandolin Case

 Carol Young (The Greencards)
Kym Warner (The Greencards)
More Carol Young
Amanda Smith
Avril Smith (Della Mae)

 Wayne Taylor
Emory Lester (Wayne Taylor & Appaloosa)
Marty Stuart

Cousin Kenny Vaughn & Marty Stuart
 Kim Cyr

Brooke Aldridge

More Brooke
Darin Aldridge
Emma Hardin (Rockin' Acoustic Circus)

Carson Clemshire (Rockin' Acoustic Circus)

 Eric Dysart (Rockin' Acoustic Circus)

 Zac Hardin & Steling Abernathy (Rockin Acoustic Circus)

Keep looking for more of these retrospective views of the past year as well as my annual anniversary edition detailing the year and thanking all those people who have helped us along the way.

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