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Dixie Bee Liners & Hot Mustard in Putney - Preview

 The Dixie Bee Liners will be performing at the United Church in Putney on Saturday evening at 7:30, February 12th with hot new local band Hot Mustard opening.  Tickets are $18.00 with discounts for kids and seniors.  Located at 15 Kimball Hill in picturesque downtown Putney, the United Church, sadly, no longer serves the community as a church, but is in the process of undergoing significant renovations to become a community center and performance venue under the direction of Barry Stockwell. For tickets and further information, call  (802)254-9276.

The Bee Liners are touring in support of their most recent release, a concept album called "Susanville" whose premise is that every car driving in America has a story deserving to be told, and Susanville tells some of those stories.  Since their inception, the Dixie Bee Liners have sought to infuse their love of bluegrass and traditional music with a contemporary flavor provided by Brandi Hart and Buddy Woodward, whose vision directs this creative, innovative string band. Based in Abingdon, VA, where they have musically represented The Crooked Road, the Dixie Bee Liners have recently undergone significant changes in lineup, adding new fiddle and banjo players to the remaining solid trio.  Founders Brandi Hart and Buddy Woodward met in the folk/bluegrass scene in New York City where they formed a performing and personal partnership.  Several years ago they moved to Abingdon, and from their have toured with this band.  Sav Sankaran, a fine bass player and singer has been with the Bee Liners for several years.  They've been joined by Sara Needham on fiddle, Zachary Mongan on banjo, and, in selected appearances Leah Needham on Dobro. 

The Band
Brandi Hart

Buddy Woodward

Sav Sankaran

Sara Needham
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Zachary Mongan
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Leah Needham
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Here's a song from The Bee Liners

Hot Mustard

Hot Mustard has only been a formal band for less than a year. Growing out of a grant from the Vermont Council of the Arts that gave Bruce Stockwell and Bill Jubett time to work on dual banjo material, the two couples got together as a band to enter the band contest at Jenny Brook last year.  Since then, they have spread their wings to numerous small venues.  In two weeks, they'll be performing at Joe Val and will be performing at Jenny Brook, Strawberry Park, and Podunk this coming summer.  Banjo master Bruce Stockwell won the Merlefest banjo contest in 2005.  

The Band
Bruce Stockwell

Bill Jubett

April Hobart

Kelly Stockwell

Bill and Aprils Recently Announced
Their Engagement

Here's a Hot Mustard Video 
from Fritz Fries Appearance in January

How to Get to the Putney Community Church

The Dixie Bee Liners will be at the Podunk Bluegrass Music Festival in August.  You can also see Hot Mustard at Jenny Brook and Strawberry Park.

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  1. Thank you Ted Lehmann for reviewing Dixie Bee Liners and Hot Mustard. Good bluegrass happens in small places. Dan Carr