Sunday, February 20, 2011

Joe Val Bluegrass Festival - Saturday

There's a rhythm, a vibe, that takes over a festival as it begins to heat up and get going. Saturday in Framingham's Sheraton Hotel had that feeling as people lined up to grab seats in the ballroom, jammers, having jammed 'til early in the morning got their instruments out for more, the Kids Academy moved into full steam ahead, and workshops filled with eager learners.  The Joe Val festival was in full swing and taking on a momentum of its own.

Mac McHale & the Radio Gang

Mac McHale

Sally Roc

John Roc

 Herman McGee

Darwin Davidson -  Photographer

Pine Hill Ramblers

Doug Downey

 Larry Simonson

 Claudia Landell
Richie Chaisson

Ben Silver

Lisa Husted - Stage Manager

Heritage Award - Sam Tidwell with BBU President Stan Zdonik

Sam Tidwell - Friends & Family
Sam Tidwell

Dave (Tex) Orlomoski
John Stay

The Tidwell Brothers
David, Mark, & Billy

Your Humble Blogger

Chasing Blue
In the Green Room
and On Stage

John Mailander

 Suzanne Oleson
Michael Reese
Maggie Mackay

Alex Muri
The Whites
Buck White

Sheryl White

Sharon White

Phil Leadbetter

Dr. Richie Brown & Phil Leadbetter
Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers

Joe Mullins

Tim Kidd
Evan McGregor

Adam McGregor

Heritage Award - Glenn Huffer

Ken Irwin & Bill Knowlton

Moondi Klein & Jimmy Gaudreau

Jimmy Gaudreau

Moondi Klein
Heritage Award - Hillbilly at Harvard

The Boxcars

Adam Steffey

Ron Stewart

 Keith Garrett
Harold Nixon

John Bowman

Michael Daves - Workshop

Danny Paisley & Southern Grass

Danny Paisley

Ron Stewart
Donny Eldreth

Michael Paisley

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