Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 Photo Retrospective IV

Here's the last of this four part series. As I was going through the thousands of images, I found many worthy of being included, but search fatigue (both mine and yours) suggests IBMA with its associated events and awards is as good a place to stop as any. As usual, these are purely in chronological order, and not grouped by band.  Enjoy!

Dumplin' Valley - Kodak, TN
Little Roy Lewis & Lizzy Long 
Matt Flake & Daniel Salyer (Monroeville)
Darrell Webb
Lizzy Long

 Matthew Munsey (Monroeville)

 Paul Williams

Little Roy Lewis

 Little Roy Lewis, Mitzi & Joe Soward, Lizzy Long

 Hulde Quebe (The Quebe Sisters)
Matt Leadbetter (Jimbo Whaley & Greenbrier)
Jimbo Whaley (Jimbo Whaley & Greenbrier)

 Shannon Slaughter (Lou Reid & Carolina)
Lou Reid
Christy Dowell Reid (Lou Reid & Carolina)

Rhonda Vincent (Thanks to Lizzy)

Joe Mullins (Joe Mullins & the Radio Ramblers)

Freddy Smith - Emcee (WDVX-FM)
Mr. and Mrs. Hunter Berry
Andy Leftwich (Guest - Dailey & Vincent)
Darrin Vincent
Caleb Smith (Balsam Range)
Buddy Melton (Balsam Range)
Brooke Aldridge (Darin & Brooke Aldridge)
Jamie Dailey
IBMA - World of Bluegrass
Lee Roy
Jerry Butler (Jerry Butler & the Blu-J's)
Chris Pandolfi - Keynoter

Del McCoury
Jesse McReynolds & Sam Bush

Jim Lauderdale

Alan Bibey & Wayne Benson

 Elaine & Lee Roy
Mike Munford & Frank Solivan
(Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen)
Chris West (Blue Moon Rising)
Brandon Bostic (Blue Moon Rising)

 Ronnie Bowman

Larry Cordle
Katy Daley (WAMU's Bluegrass
Jesse Brock

 Kenny & Amanda Smith

 Lonesome River Band - Live Broadcast
WAMU's Bluegrass
Eddie Stubbs interviews Brooke & Darin Aldridge
Live on WSM

 Julie & Darrin Vincent

Kitsy & Pete Kuykendahl
Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine

 IBMA Awards Show
Sam Bush & Del McCoury

Ron Stewart - Co-Banjo Player of the Year
Laurie Lewis & Sammy Shelor (Presenters)

 Russell Moore - Male Vocalist of the Year

Marshall Wilborn - Bass Player of the Year
Del McCoury - Inductee
Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame
Eric Gibson - Album of the Year

Leigh Gibson - Album of the Year
Tim Stafford & Dan Tyminski (Presenters)

Steve Martin - Entertainer of the Year
with the Steep Canyon Rangers

George Shuffler (Inductee) with Fellow Member Tom Gray
Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame

Bill Knowlton - Lifetime Achievement Award
at Awards Luncheon

IBMA - Fan Fest
Jamie Johnson (The Grascals)
Kevin Richardson (The Larry Stephenson Band)
Steve Gulley (Dale Ann Bradley)
Wayne Taylor (Blue Highway)

Samantha Snyder (The Snyder Family Band)
Garnet Imes Bowman
Larry Sparks
Randy Kohrs

Jim Lauderdale
Bradley Walker

John Bowman (The Boxcars)
Carl White (Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver)
J.D. Crowe
Jenny Lynn Gardner & Don Rigsby
Tribute to Bill Monroe
Dean Hoffmey & Steve Ide
The Church Sisters

Katie Penn
The Spinney Brothers - Rick and Allen

Mike Bub

Greg Cahill (Special Consensus)
Sierra Hull
Audie Blaylock
Alison Krauss

Alison Krauss & Dan Tyminski

 Steve Dilling (IIIrd Tyme Out)

Wayne Benson (IIIrd Tyme Out)

Wayne Taylor (Wayne Taylor & Appaloosa)

 Carl Jackson & Sonia Isaacs
Jenee Fleenor
Rebbekah Long
Larry Cordle

We head out again in January. Our first stop will be in Berryville for Frank Journey's concert series presentation of The Gibson Brothers and the Larry Stephenson Band. Then we'll head, a bit slowly, to Florida where our first festival will be at YeeHaw Junction beginning on January 26th. See you down the trail or on the Net.


  1. Hi Ted - Your blog is great and I especially enjoy your nice photos. I am a bluegrass player who enjoys photographing as well -- I was wondering what kind of gear you use and how do you get the clear and color rich shots in low light conditions? To me, it doesn't appear that you are using a flash? Would you mind sharing some of your techniques? Thanks much, Jeff

  2. Jeff - Most of the pictures taken at Dumplin' Valley and at IBMA were taken with Irene's new Nikon d3100, a new entry level DSLR. Some were taken with an older d50 with flash. With the 3100 I usually use it set on manual at 3200 ISO. This gives me a lot of flexibility. Most of the IBMA Award Show and Fan Fest pics were taken with natural light and required relatively little tweeking. I use Picasa 3 as my photo management program. It's a free program from Google. I think, this year, the White Balance was usually set on auto. Otherwise, I take lots of pics and choose the best ones. I work hard to isolate the performer as much as possible. Thanks for asking. - Ted

  3. Incidentally, my usual camera is a d90 which came back from repairs just after we returned home. We'll see if pictures improve or not in a few weeks.

  4. Thanks for the response Ted; very helpful. For the past 5 years I've shot with Nikon D40 that maxes out at 1600 iso. I'm thinking of upgrading to a D7000 soon. Your shots done with 3200 iso look very sharp and don't look noisy at all -- how do you achieve that? Also, what kind of lens do you typically use? Thanks again for the tips. Jeff

  5. Low noise is a function of the camera. If you can afford the d7000 your results should be still better, because the camera is that much faster. My go-to lens, in fact the only one I typically use, is the Nikon 18 - 200 f3.5 zoom lens. While a bit pricey (these days around $800)it's a great lens, light and easily movable. The pro 70 - 200 weighs over three pounds and costs $2400. Even if I could afford it, I couldn't carry it and shoot with it all day. Remember, though, that my goal is to get my pics up fast and be as accurate as possible. We also own a pro lens, the f2.8 24 - 70 which Irene uses. It's clear as glass and fast, but focuses a bit slowly. It's excellent for portraits and cropping closely. If you want to chat more, my e-mail address is

  6. Dear Ted, thanks for the fantastic Bluegrass Information over the ocean in this year.
    Best regards from Germany,


  7. Woerner - I love hearing from my international readers.

  8. Thanks Ted, I'm sure i will have a few more questions; I'll drop you an email. And again, thanks for the blog, really great stuff! Jeff