Friday, September 28, 2007

Kiptopeke State Park – Cape Charles, VA

Before the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnell shortened the drive from Cape Charles to Norfolk by hundreds of miles, a ferry boat travelled from Kiptopeke Landing across the Bay. When the ferry was no longer necessary, Kiptopeke State Park was established. From the sweeping beach at the foot of the bluff below the campground, you can see the bridge across the horizon in the distance. The park provides a very nice stopping off place for campers after the long drive south from Wilmington or points north. While there is little shade, campsites are fairly spacious and, unusual for state parks, there is cable television. At this time of year, the end of September, it is quiet and nearly empty. The biggest draw of this campground is a beautiful boat launch providing access to the sport fishing of the lower Chesapeake Bay. There are pleasant walks along the beach and through the nearby woods. While this is not a spectacular place to visit, it gives a pleasant diversion along the way. Stop for a quiet night as you head south or north on U.S. 13.

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