Sunday, January 3, 2010

Holiday Photo Treats IV - Spring - Summer 2009

It's been a long and quiet holiday weekend, with, for some, a surfeit of mediocre football games and too little bluegrass.  I don't usually post on Sunday, but I thought I'd end the holiday season with a final photographic portfolio with some of my favorites from last spring and summer.  Since there are a lot of pictures in this set, I'll split them in half, and post a final group on Tuesday.  Enjoy the pics, and I look forward to your comments.

Joe Craven

Alison Brown

Jesse Brock

Mike Barnett

Audie Blaylock

Patrick McAvinue 

Terry Baucom and Sammy Shelor

Julie Hogan

Shawn Lane

Chris Harris

Ronnie Bowman

Bradley Walker 

Aubrey Haynie

Randy Kohrs

Jeff Parker

Jamie Dailey, Jeff Parker, and Darin Vincent

Dale Ann Bradley

Deanie Richardson

Terry Baucom

Travers Chandler

Michael Paisley

Steve Gulley

Doyle Lawson, Russell Moore, Jamie Dailey

Little Roy Lewis

Will Kevin Richardson

Kenny Ingram

Samantha Snyder

Phil Leadbetter

Larry Stephenson

Irene Lehmann and Amy Gallatin

Kym Warner, Roger Moss, Carol Young

Kim Cyr

Harry Grant

Dr. Richard Brown

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