Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Holiday Photo Treats IVb: Spring - Summer 2009

Here's the rest of the photos from my seasonal retrospective of the year's photos.  I almost said "Best" photos, but I suspect if I went back through the entire set, around 20,000 for 2009, I'd come up with different choices. These are the ones I liked this week as I went throught them:

Doyle Lawson

Zach Bevill

Joshua Britt

Eric Gibson, Leigh Gibson, Mike Barber

Joe Walsh

Eric and Leigh Gibson

Mike Barber

Eamon McLaughlin

Carol Young and Jake Stargell

Wayne Benson

J.D. Crowe

Jerry Salley

Carl Jackson

Odessa Jorgenson and Chris Pandolfi

Josh Williams

Amanda Smith

Kenny Smith

Jens Kruger and Michael Cleveland

Uwe Kruger

Lester Armitage

Leroy Troy

Megan Lovell

Rebecca Lovell

Jessica Lovell

Brandon Rickman

Andy Ball

Jesse Brock 

Mike Cleveland

Tim Shelton

Joe Booher

Marcia and Phil Zimmerman

Danny Paisley

Rhonda Vincent

Tony Rice

Smokey Greene

Chris Stapleton

That's all folks!  Back to the regular schedule next entry.

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