Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year Portfolio - The Old and the New

Many people celebrating the coming of the New Year emphasize the passing of the old with the picture of an old man leaving behind a little baby ready to face into the future. In bluegrass we do something a little different. Each person who plays or listens to the music seeks to remember and revere the pioneers of the past while finding ways to interpret and add to the music on their own. This is the bluegrass way. In this portfolio I've sought to honor this tradition. The pictures presented here emphasize the old masters we've been lucky enough to see and hear over the past few years as well as the very young pickers coming along. You'll notice a big hole in the middle, and this is done on purpose. Also, I haven't tried to include anyone whose picture I didn't take myself, thus the gaping hole. There's no picture of Bill Monroe, the father of bluegrass music. I'm sure there are many others I haven't seen. I'll put up the pictures of the pioneers today and the new pickers tomorrow morning. I've tried to do justice to the music and its makers. Enjoy the pictures and Happy New Year!

Earl Scruggs

Bobby Osborne

Eddie Adcock

Doc Watson

J.D. Crowe

Little Roy Lewis

Earl Pickin'

Mac Wiseman

Ralph Stanley

Rhonda Vincent and Bobby Osborne

Rosalie and Doc Watson

Tut Taylor

Alan Bibey and Bobby Osborne
Earl once more!

All photos by Ted Lehmann, reproduce with permission only


  1. That's quite a Hall of Fame! Part of the beauty of this collection is that each of the pics tells a little about the pictured.

    I'll always remember Ralph Stanley for an incident that occurred several years ago. One of our sons, an avid bluegrasser and mandolinist, had garnered autographed t-shirts from his heroes like Bill Monroe and Dale McCoury and such, so I thought I'd get a shirt autographed by Ralph Stanley. (Excuse me, "Dr." Ralph Stanley.)

    I saw him getting on his bus, after a late-night stunning set, leaving for his next gig on down the road. He obviously was no spring chicken, and had to have been exhausted, but he got off the bus and gave one more autograph.

    I sometimes rag him about flaunting the "Doctor" stuff, but I'll always remember that act of kindness. Part of the beauty of bluegrass is that it's more than music.

    Get some black eyed peas and enjoy another New Year!

  2. Parson Bob is right on. The best of the best here, Ted.

    -Dr. B